Penang Food Trail

Gosh, I can’t even recall when was the last time I’ve been to Penang. Mummy, if you are reading this, do you recall the details?

Anyway, it’s been ages since the Man and I have been to Penang, so when Doree asked if we wanted to join him and a couple of friends for a food feast weekend getaway, we didn’t need much convincing to say yes.

So join us on our little weekend getaway as we eat to our hearts’ content and unveil (hopefully) the best of Penang food.

Our adventure started with our flight to Penang being a little delayed but after dumping our luggage at the hotel, we drove down to Gurney Drive and wasted no time in filling our tummies with the local street fare.

Fascinated with the small crowd gathering at this Lok Lok stall, we decided to join in the fun and eat our food off sticks after dipping it into the boiling water to have them cooked first.

This stick of cockles may look gross to some,but it seriously is one of my favourite ‘fear factor’ type of foods. Doree and I had two sticks each while the Man steered clear of this.

Next up, we walked around and the ‘all things fried’ stall caught the eye of the boys, so they proceeded to order a serving of fried chicken drumstick, fried chicken skin and fried tofu. I hardly even touch chicken skin because I’m put off by how crazy sinful a tiny piece of this is. But the Man stuffed a piece in my mouth and it tasted so darn good that I almost couldn’t stop myself to having more. Sigh, why do all things fried taste so good?


That’s not all, after putting our initial cravings to ease, we found ourselves a table and the boys set off on a quest to bring more food to the table. Minutes later, our table was filled with tiny plates of famed Penang hawker fare from Fried Oysters, Penang Char Kway Teow, Penang Laksa to Grilled Sting-Ray.



It’s no wonder we felt stuffed after this late night supper feast! But I’m certainly looking forward to more of the crazy eating with friends over the weekend.

The eating continues so stay tuned!

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