Checked out Donq & Maison Kayser

Fresh from my bun craze at Tiong Bahru Bakery, I went all out to check out these two other bakeries that have been making headlines.  As you can imagine, I went a little ga-ga at the bakeries and had to stop myself from putting everything I see on the tray to be carted home.  I don’t even love carbs that much but all these pretty bakes with interesting flavours really piqued my taste-buds!

Donq (pronounced as ‘donk’ and not ‘don Q’) which has over 100 years of history and more than 180 outlets in Japan has reached our sunny shores.  See, I didn’t even knew this bakery existed when we were living in Tokyo, I must be living under a rock! *face palms*

Located at Basement 2 of Takashimaya Shopping Centre, this takeaway store offers a variety of yummy baked treats.  The Spinach and Bacon bun was something I was really tempted to try and like a little child that went wild in a candy store, I walked round this small little store giddy with excitement but not quite sure what to pick out for the home.

[Cue drumroll] Very anti-climax, but I went home with only four simple buns from the family – the Dutch Cheese Bun, the Edamame Bun, the Corn Bun and the Choco Bun.

The Man had the Dutch Cheese bun which he thought was very plain and not that fantastic. I thought the Edamame bun was quite yummy as the Edamame beans were sweetly flavoured.  And this morning, I toasted the Corn bun and enjoyed it with a steaming bowl of left-over curry sauce.  😉

Next up, tea with the gorgeous mummy yAnn and her lil’ A at Maison Kayser at Scotts Square.  The pillowy croissants are said to rival that of those at Tiong Bahru Bakery but I didn’t end up ordering that.  Instead, I went with the tart of the day- a Hazelnut and Peach Tart which was sweet and crumbly.  I had a look at yAnn’s croissant though and it did look flaky, but next time?  I probably just buy the bread and enjoy them at home with my own brew.  Not impressed with the coffee available at the sit-down cafe.

Oh and top of the list as to what I will be getting the next time I make a trip here?  This Yuzu bread!  I saw this available in the menu and hope that it’s a staple at the bakery.

Have you tried any of the bakes from either of the bakeries mentioned above?  What would you recommend?  Lemme know so I can make a discerning choice the next time round.  😉  Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Checked out Donq & Maison Kayser

  1. Shirley シャリー says:

    I tried at DonQ the dark choco bun, chocolate marble/swivel loaf, corn bun, kinako bun, 5 beans bun .

    My favourite is still the dark choco bun, kinako was nice too but very ex for the ‘size’.
    Honestly I realised that DonQ bread is best consumed in the morning/day when it’s fresh. Bought buns from them the other day late at night and it was so dry (prob cos of the Aircon)

    My friends raves about the this cheese and ham (I think) and this onion bun.

    Oh did u see the $20 bread loaf at DonQ? I nearly dropped it when I saw the price O.O LOL

    • Lady J says:

      Okie now I know what I should get the next time I head to Donq. Thanks for the recommendations! Oh, I didn’t see the $20 bread of loaf at Donq, should keep my eyes peeled open the next time. Bread sure ain’t what it used to be…

    • Lady J says:

      Hope you get to go Donq soon, can’t wait to read your review and what you thought about it. Yeah, the coffee at Maison Kayser was pretty weak but like you, I would go back again to buy the bread and pastries.

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