Hello Kitty-rons!

It’s been a while since I baked any macarons back here in Singapore.  The humidity is a killer and it’s tough trying to get the macaron shells to ‘harden’ before popping them into the oven.  The past couple of times where I attempted to make macarons, it’s always been at my cousin’s place.  Somehow it’s more fun trying to bake stuff with another person than on my own.

This time round, we decided to try to make up a batch of macarons in the shape of my fave cartoon character – Hello Kitty!

Although we did get the shape right but the macs didn’t have any feet.  In addition, the shells weren’t as smooth as we would like them to be.  I guess there’s always a next time but for now, meet our Hello Kitty-rons who are way too tanned and whose complexion ain’t that fantastic.

Better luck next time I hope!


6 thoughts on “Hello Kitty-rons!

  1. e says:

    They are cute!!
    I totally agree with you on the humidity, I can never get the shells to dry. That’s why I stopped making them!!

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