Lazy Saturday

On a random Saturday morning, this happened:

Brunch at ODP.  Second visit to the restaurant was much better than the first.  Loved the steak tartare with truffle chips and the smoked pork belly.

Trapezed across the street and went in to 40 Hands Coffee to grab us a cuppa.  Heard and read so much about the place, am glad that I finally made it there.   Dessert was a Tau Sar Pau (Red Bean Bun) which turned out surprisingly good.  Previous reviews that I read mentioned that it was cold and hard, perhaps that’s changed.

Checked out Books Actually too.. browsed the shelves and loved the notebooks.. really wanted to get some but decided against it.. too many notebooks lying around at home already.

Popped inside Strangelets as well for I spied some stuff displayed that I thought could be cool for the home.  The Man rolled his eyes of course.  In the end, we each walked away with a popsicle from Popaganda.  Yes, the diet went completely down the drain but I couldn’t resist the natural flavoured Passion Fruit ice lolly.  Chose the Coconut one for the Man and he complained having to pay SG 9 bucks for just 2 sticks.

And before heading home, we stopped inside Nana & Bird.  I recalled that Imp purchased a leather clutch from here before.  Really liked some of the apparel that I saw but was too lazy to try them.  Another time perhaps?

This pretty much sums up our lazy Saturday afternoon… we’re back home – the Man watching his drama while me happily typing away on my Macbook with the fur-kid sleeping by my feet.

How did you spend your Saturday?  Was it as lazy as ours? 😉

[Photos taken with the iPhone using the Instagram App]

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