View from the top

The flight from Singapore to New York was smooth but long. This time round, I sat separate seats from the Man preferring to each take a window seat to hog this amazing view instead:



Beautiful sight of dawn breaking as our plane flew over the Artic Circle.

So which seats do you ‘hog’ when traveling with your better half? We often take the middle and aisle seat if we wanna sit together. The Man hogs the aisle seat since he prefers walk up and down the plane during the flight. Hogging the aisle seat also means easy access in and out if you go to the toilets frequently. How about you? How do you like to be seated when flying?


9 thoughts on “View from the top

  1. Pebz says:

    If we are travelling together, isle & window… depends on the aircraft configuration.. If alone, we both prefer isle = easy access for toilet breaks!

  2. bookjunkie says:

    It’s the same pattern for me. Wish there was 2 seaters again. I don’t like the 3 seaters. Rather it just be the 2 of us alone. Unless of course I’m travelling with 2 other people I know, then 3 is fine 🙂 & I hope I can get the aisle seat then.

    Your photos from the plane are uniquely gorgeous…I’ve never had a view like that before..mostly the sky and clouds. Never knew that the plane flew that low.

    • Lady J says:

      Yeah, I prefer the 2-seaters too.. Can be kinda tricky with the 3-seater configuration and worse if you don’t know the 3rd person that you are sitting with.
      Thanks on your compliments for the photos from the plane. Guess the landscape did all the talking.

  3. carrots says:

    I prefer aisle seat cos I tend to visit toilet quite often and I hate to trouble the one seated at the aisle. So rather to disturb, I wld rather be disturbed 🙂

  4. Zhing says:

    I’m a window seater!! 😉 I curl up with my juice and sleep through the flight.. And the husband aisle! He claims it gives him more legroom..

    But both of us prefer business if it doesn’t break the bank!! 😉

    • Lady J says:

      Haha.. I’m the default window-seater. Wow and you can sleep through the flight? I usually can’t. The hubby is worse… he just walks up and down. 😉

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