Out on a walk..

We were blessed with some really wonderful weather during our last week in Geneva, so I decided to ask S from Scwingen in Switzerland out for an afternoon walk.  It was to be my last ‘exploration’ walk of Geneva before we left.

Meeting point?  The famed flower clock located at edge of the Jardin Anglais (English Garden).  You could tell that Spring is definitely in the air with the bright, pretty florals that are used to decorate the clock.  Armed with our cameras, we took a leisurely walk around the lake.

It was such a gorgeous day and I was really pleased to have captured this sight of a beautiful rainbow going through the Jet d’Eau.

S also mentioned that it must be my lucky day for the weather was perfect for the walk that we were going to take.  Well, lucky or not, I’m just thankful that I spent the last week doing this with S.  She really is the perfect companion to hang out with if you’re ever clueless about exploring a place.  🙂  Will share more about what we did for the rest of the afternoon soon.

First up, another kind of walk that I’m going to take with the fur-kid!  We’ve gotten a little pudgy over the past couple of months, the Man’s put us on a strict exercise regime and today is my first day walking the kiddo.  Here’s to better health for us both.  😉

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