Cavalchina Grand Ball 2012

Carnivale de Venezia was simply I.N.S.A.N.E!!!  I didn’t get round to seeing much of Venice for it was simply too crowded!  More on amazing costumes that we saw at carnival later!  First, I wanted to share with you some pictures from the Grand Calvalchina Ball that we attended.

Remember this post where I was fretting about what to wear?  Well, I finally went with buying a long evening gown at BCBG.  Thankfully the sales were still on then and I managed to get the dress at a whopping 60% off the original price.  I couldn’t imagine paying full price for the dress, it simply was above and beyond my budget.  Pardon the pictures, couldn’t seem to be able to get a nice one for the lighting at the pre-dinner cocktail and at the event was simply poor.

Next up, the mask!  The choices for masks were simply mind-boggling!  I didn’t know which one to get, but I eventually settled for a rather simple and elegant one with black feathers.  Prices for a Venetian mask can range from EUR 2 and above depending on how elaborate the design is.

And presenting the Man’s outfit for the evening.  His mask was super fancy if I may add.

The Gran Ballo della Cavalchina or “Grand Cavalchina Ball” is considered to be the most exclusive and spectacular of the many masked balls and carnival related events that occur during the Carnival of Venice, Italy.  Held annually, at the world-renowned Teatro La Fenice or La Fenice theatre, the elegant grand ballroom is specially transformed into a masquerade ball for one night only.  The evening program also boasts a wide array of staged performances by period costumed clowns, acrobats and live musicians.

Apparently, James Blunt was performing at the event but no one in our group knew about it for we were tucked away upstairs having dinner instead.  Darn!

Having said that, many of our friends still had an amazing time.  It was such a grand affair and I had a wonderful evening just by looking at those elaborate costumes.  People really dressed up to the nines for this ball, some with costumes and some (like me) with formal wear, and they were up on their feet partying.  As for me, the walk from our pre-dinner cocktail to the Teatro La Fenice (approximately 1.8km) in my 3.5 inch heels really ‘killed’ me.  I was too beat to even stand when we reached to the theater, preferring just to take a back-seat for a good part of the evening.

And yup, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  Traditional costumes are always safe but you could also go as a modern-day movie character if you fancy.  This guy from our group came dressed up as an Avatar for the ball.  I heard it took him about 5 hours to do his hair and then paint his body blue.  Whoa!  Now that’s effort!


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