The big freeze here in Switzerland

This has been one of my harshest winters that I’ve ever experienced with cold winds and subzero temperatures sweeping across most of Europe.

This vicious cold snap has caused almost 400 deaths in Europe and crippled the transport systems in some countries, but reports suggests that it shows no signs of easing up yet. Brrr…..

Friends have been blogging about the dreadful cold weather in Geneva and shared some really ‘cool’ photos in their posts – here, here and here. I couldn’t resist getting in on a piece of this action so we decided to see for ourselves the frozen waterside promenade at Lake Geneva at Versoix.

I hadn’t expected on large crowds to be at Versoix but it definitely was a rare and interesting sight, so loads of people specially made a trip down to the lake just to view this chilly phenomenon.

Frozen waves over at the lake.

And these frozen cars ain’t going to be going anywhere for they are literally stuck to the ground, thanks to the ice.

The trees were also not spared from the cold and harsh winds.

The icy conditions made it very difficult for people to explore the surroundings. I slipped and fell on the ice because I lost my footing. Well, I guess I hadn’t expected it to be that icy. ;( Ouch!

It also looks like the cold snap isn’t going to be easing up on us anytime soon, so keep and stay warm if you are in my part of the world. I know I will with a cuppa of specially brewed hot ginseng tea!

5 thoughts on “The big freeze here in Switzerland

    • Lady J says:

      Thanks! Really braved the cold to capture these shots! I actually feel sorry for the owners of the frozen car, wonder what’s going to happen to their vehicle. Hmmm…

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