‘Hainan Chee-Fan’ Party

Our place in Geneva isn’t too big so while we love to have more friends over, we are often constrained by the amount of space we have.  But having said that, we did host a party for 9 people using whatever plates we have and the rest with disposable cutlery (hehe).

This time round we hosted a cosy dinner party for 4 serving up another Singaporean delight – Hainan Chicken Rice.  If you’re wondering if we’re any genius, well, we ain’t.  This proudly came out from a Prima pack box.

On the menu was the Hainanese Chicken Rice and some lettuce served with oyster sauce.  For dessert, I made a Kaya Puff Pastry which was served together with another cake that our friend brought along.  And as usual, we simply had too much to drink at this dinner party.  5 incredible bottles of vino!  Thankfully, I could just crash at home after this party while the Man helped to put away the dishes. ;o

4 thoughts on “‘Hainan Chee-Fan’ Party

  1. gracefully50 says:

    Why wasn’t I invited to this dinner party? 5 bottles of wine and great food…my fav combo! Actually, one glass of vino would have put me on your couch for the rest of the night. The set up looks like something out of a mag. My tummy’s growling now….

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