Open Door Policy

Another makan (local slang for eat/dining) was arranged with Fashionista Cat.  I suggested Open Door Policy (ODP) for a couple of friends have been there and provided some rave reviews of the place.  This time round I came armed, I knew what I wanted to order for us for tweet peeps provided the suggestions.

It was Thanksgiving and I had wanted to order wine in celebration of the ocassion, but the babe wanted to go alcohol-frei (alcohol-free), so sans alcohol it was.  It was the company that mattered anyway.

For some strange reason, I was famished and wanted to order everything that the tweet-peeps recommended:

  • steak tartare with truffle mayo and potato chips
  • crispy chicken wings with curry, yoghurt and cucumber salad
  • watercress soup with soft poached hen’s egg
  • halloumi cheese with olives, white anchovies and crusty bread
  • 48 hour cooked braised beef cheek with mochi potatoes, carrot puree and snow pea tendrils
  • wild mushroom risotto with truffle crumbs

 But the lass stopped me and we ended up with 3 starters (steak tartare, grilled haloumi, watercress soup) and 1 main (braised beef cheek).  Verdict?  Only the steak tartare was a winner in our books.  We lapped up the raw steak tartare that was drizzled with truffle oil and munched on the chips.  The watercress soup was an intense shade of green that scared the tastebuds.  I was expecting it to leave a bitter aftertaste (read a couple of reviews that highlighted of the bitter taste) but thankfully it didn’t, so that was a pleasant surprise for me.  As for the cheese, the gal-pal wasn’t too impressed with the overall taste and presentation of the entire dish.  I liked the cheese but be warned, it comes a little saltier than most cheeses.

Now on to the main, the braised beef cheek, did it meet our expectations?  The beef cheek was thoroughly braised and tender to touch, but the sauce?  It was too salty for our liking but once we scraped off the sauce, the soft beef cheek tasted almost perfect.

Ambience wise, pretty casual so don’t expect anything too fancy.  The tables and chairs run a little close to each other so I would recommend that you finish your food and then head on over elsewhere to continue the chat.  🙂

We didn’t do just that for we were pretty tired so we headed home after the dinner, but it was great just catching up with my Tokyo lovely in person.

Open Door Policy
Address: 19 Yong Siak Street (Yong Siak View), Singapore 168650
Tel: +65 6221 9307

3 thoughts on “Open Door Policy

    • Lady J says:

      Yeah, they were a little too close so just gotta be careful with the choice of conversation topic. But I guess the place is pretty small so that’s the reason why tables are stacked so close to one another.

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