Singapore food feast in Geneva

It had been an interesting weekend of sorts. The first weekend that we stayed in Geneva after 4 entire weekends of traveling. This weekend was extra special for we invited our friends over to our place to sample our Singaporean cuisine. I also extended the invitation to KT who’s currently studying in Paris to join us in the feast. He had wanted to come visit me in Geneva and I figured he would probably miss Singaporean food by now, so it all fell into place.

The Man and I cooked up a storm in the kitchen. We made Gado-Gado, Chicken Satay served with Ketupat, Curry Chicken, Prata and Kaya Puffs. I think we did pretty good and did Singaporean cuisine proud thanks to pre-mixes and sauces that comes out of a packet! The little intern and the Style Princess also chipped in by helping to design place-cards with descriptions of the food for our guests. Thanks guys!

We’ve been really lucky to meet up with these lovely bunch of ladies and their respective other halves. And it’s pretty amazing how we all kinda ‘hooked’ up with one another. Long-short on how we all met: Sam over at Schwingen and Switzerland was going to be moving to Geneva in June/July, she found me through my blog, we started emailing one another and the rest was history for we became fast friends. Sam introduced me to L over at the Swiss Watch Blog for she moved to Geneva approximately the same time as we did. We hung out a couple of times and explored bits and pieces of Geneva together. And I met Wildcat over at Switzerland Hughes through L and we hung out one afternoon over at Carouge. I guess that’s the beauty of living overseas and having the opportunity to meet different people from different countries through different ways. šŸ™‚

It sure was a fun night with great company bonding over wine (loads of it) and the food that we so loved! And it does feel that we are finally settling into Geneva. šŸ™‚

[Additional photos from Collage 2 thanks to KT ;)]

11 thoughts on “Singapore food feast in Geneva

    • Lady J says:

      Hehe we didn’t take too long in the kitchen. The pre-mixes really did all the work. We just put it together. šŸ˜‰ And we really did have a great evening!

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