Potluck Party

So, we got invited to our very first ‘Canadienne buffet’ here in Geneva, hosted by L & G from the Swiss Watch Blog.  No, we weren’t having Canadian food, but ‘potluck’ in French = ‘Canadienne’ buffet.  L learnt this during her French lesson one day.

The theme for the potluck was ‘Mexican’.  I kinda freaked out for my knowledge of Mexican food was pathetic and I haven’t ventured into Mexican cooking yet.  So, I asked L if I could bring some key-lime tarts and thankfully, she said yes.  Phew, at least I knew those were edible plus they could be made ahead of time with just 2 hours needed on the actual day itself for chilling.  😉

So this was my contribution to the potluck party – Key Lime Tarts with fresh blueberries.  Click here for the recipe.

I didn’t bring the camera but here are some shots- courtesy of the host and hostess themselves:

Mild vs Hot Enchiladas – We went straight for the hot ones!

This is a great shot of the group of newbies in Geneva.  The ‘oldest’ of the lot on this table has only been in Geneva for 4 months.  Thanks L & G for hosting this lovely Canadienne Mexican buffet and here’s to new friendships and more Canadienne buffets to come! 😉


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