Outfits: Playing dre$$ up

When the lovely R from the Pleasure Monger tagged me on this meme, I got really excited and was all raring to put together an outfit.  It was a great excuse to channel the energy into doing one of the things I love – playing dress up!  🙂

I mentally prepped the outfits that I wanted to showcase. BUT, the only problem I had was that the clothes that I had originally wanted to share aren’t here in Geneva yet.  Sigh.. they are still stuck in those 17 boxes at the customs in between here and Antwerp.  It’s been 5 weeks!  I need my clothes/ shoes/ bags/ toiletries and FOOD!

So, I kinda ‘cheated’, for on the recent weekend trip to Madrid, I happily hopped into Zara and put together an outfit just for this challenge.  Just the outfit okay, the rest of the stuff, I just used whatever I have in my suitcase that we’ve been living on.

I find this season’s Zara collection simply breath-taking.  I can’t help going into the stores or going online to check what new stuff they have.  Now that I am not financially independent, I need to learn how to stretch my dollar.  So shopping for Zara in Spain was perfect, for it was so much more affordable compared to what I would have paid for the same item in Switzerland or Singapore.

This is my Candy colour get-up this Summer as fashion’s penchant for greens, lemon yellows, neon blues, bright pinks and purples continue to rule the runway.  I picked up this bright fuchsia pink skinny jeans from Zara (25.95 EUR) and paired it with a black laser-cut cotton tunic (17.95 EUR) also from the same brand.

My metallic blue Ferragamo jelly shoes from the past Season’s collection are a superb buy from the factory outlet which cost me about 60 EUR (more than 50% off the retail price).  And, with such a bright get-up, I kept accessories to the minimal with this grey woven leather bracelet (30 SGD).

Lastly, my handbag of choice is my Balenciaga Twiggy which is a perfect bag that I’ve had and travel with, for its edgy style is great for casual and slightly dressy outfits too.

Ta-dah, there you have it!  My attempt on putting together an outfit that hopefully won’t burst your pocket.

Since you’re at it, why don’t you pop on down and check out these gorgeous ladies sense of style (I’ll update as the list grows):

Go on raid my wardrobe!

10 thoughts on “Outfits: Playing dre$$ up

  1. The Pleasure Monger says:

    These are really really good buys, I hit Zara the when I travelled to Madrid! I like how you put colours together so effortlessly, I really need you to be my personal stylist now!!! Love the pop of metallic blue and fuchsia. Methinks I need to be a lil less boring….

    • Lady J says:

      Oh babe.. you are definitely too kind with your words! Flattered that you would want me to be your personal stylist, feel free to give me a shout-out…I promise to help in whatever way I can! 🙂 Just so you know, I have boring days as well, which makes those pretty colourful outfits stand out even more on days when I do these outfit posts. Hehe..

  2. Corsage @ A Dollop Of Me says:

    I love the shoes – wow colour! If only we could get those outlets here in Sg!

    The bracelet gives a nice understated but cool vibe.

    After all the talk about Zara’s current season, I’m so going to check them out at the shops!!

    • Lady J says:

      Yeah, those outlet shopping.. BAD for the wallet but oh-so-good for the SOUL! 🙂 I love my leather bracelet great and often pile them on with my other bracelets when I want to accessorize more. Check out Zara’s current collection, it’s really brilliant! Shopping time!

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