Beer never tasted so good!

A celebratory drink was in order as we successfully moved our stuff from the temp apartment to the new one on foot and since we do not have a proper set of cooking equipment, we decided to head out to celebrate the new move.  The celebratory thing has become a ritual.  We did this when we moved to Loft 1 and then to Loft 2.  So it’s only fitting that we continue this tradition even though we’re far away from home.

Cafe Demi Lune is a casual joint located at Old Town.  Famed for its burgers and light bites (Tapas), we are glad to have found the place thanks to friends’ recommendations.   We chomped on the hearty yet sinful pub grub and chugged on a beer.

I spied on the drinks menu and saw a Malbec on the wine list.  Thought of a fond little Imp and decided to have a drink on her behalf with our oh-so-sinful Toblerone  Mousse.  Hehe.  The Man joined in but didn’t quite enjoy it for  I guess we’re still very much sold on the Burgundy wine.  :p

So Faerie Imp, counting on you to impart your Whisky and Malbec knowledge unto me!

3 thoughts on “Beer never tasted so good!

  1. imp says:

    This (or rather your earlier tweet) confirms it. The good Malbecs are all kept in Argentina! There was one we tried in Shanghai which was pretty okay.

    I had a Burgundy last night in your honor, and thought of you! 🙂 Celebrate away, my dear. Home is where you and your man are. 😀

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