new kid on the block.

The East is home to several eateries but it’s not known for high-end restaurants, so it was rather refreshing to see a newcomer – Etoile – just round the corner where we live fill this gap.  Hope, we thought for the weekends for it meant that we no longer need to drive to town just to satisfy our meal cravings.

Etoile took over the premises where the famed Jalan Tua Kong Bak Chor Mee used to stand.  We drove past Etoile so many times from the moment they started with the renovation till when it was finally complete.  We decided to let the opening teething ‘dust’ settle for a while before making our way to try the place.

2 weeks ago, we decided to give Etoile – French Japanese restaurant a shot as there was an on-going promotion that they had with American Express.  Timing was just right, we thought.  It was a Tuesday night and other than us, there was another table of 4 diners who had just finished their dinner.  As the restaurant was still new, other than a review by EdEats, there weren’t many reviews out there.

Scallop Carpaccio with Ikura, Uni and Yuzu Dressing

Beef Carpaccio with Foie Gras

I enjoyed the starter of Scallop Carpaccio which was fresh and delightful thanks to the Yuzu dressing.  As for the Beef Carpaccio which B order, he was clearly not impressed as the he felt that the Foie Gras was too over-powering for the beef and I agreed with him.

Lamb Chops

Veal with stuffed cheese and mushrooms

For the mains, B had the lamb chops which was an excellant choice, for the cut of the lambs were done just right.  The meat served pink and juicy with every bite.  As for my veal dish, when the server put the dish in front of me, I experienced a ‘Masterchef’ moment for the dish was so busy that I didn’t know what to focus on.  There was too much going on that plate so much so that it was a pile of food mess.  I had to trawl pass this mess in order to organise my thoughts just to get to the meat and the mushrooms.  Having said that, the veal would have fared better if it didn’t have too much of the cheese stuffing.

To end the meal, we ordered the cheesecake dessert to share.  Again, not very impressed with the texture of the cake for we tasted better.  However, this time round, I remained impartial to this dish for I was won over by the pink sprinkles, marshmallows and raspberries that provided a sweet finishing to the dessert

Would we come back?  Perhaps for the venue is really close to where we live, we might just give them a second chance.

Etoile – French Japanese Restaurant
Add: 1 Figaro Street, Singapore 458322
Tel: +65 6445 5669
[Update: This restaurant has ceased its operations.]

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