fuschia fun.

So I decided to brave the crowds with my colleague when she suggested that we head down to the Thomson nursery area to stock up on fresh flowers for the festive season.  I felt like I was cheating on my usual florist but I really wanted to check out the different options available at the nursery.

It was such a nightmare getting there from work.  Traffic was slow-moving and cabs were hardly in sight.  When we arrived there, we had to jostle with the crowds to grab the flowers.  I felt like an ‘oba-san’ (auntie) in a glorified floral market.  After an hour of mulling over the choices, I went home with S$60+ worth of flowers.  Actually, they cost more because my cab-fare there and back cost a bomb.

Spent an hour arranging the florals and was pretty pleased that the huge bouquets of flowers that I brought back actually yielded 4 separate arrangements for the loft.

Dressed my living room with these fuschia blooms:

Dyed Pink Chrysanthemum Pom Poms | White Sweet William | Dianthus Barbatus | Monstera Leaf

For my bedroom, I put together these blossoms for my bedside table:

Hyancinthus | Sweet William | Dianthus Barabatus | Monstera Leaf

And since I had additional flowers left, I put together this simple arrangement for my wardrobe area.

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