No longer Penn-tastic

Early last year, B brought me to Penn Restaurant – a lovely Thai restaurant – that served up great Chinese Thai food.  The restaurant was even patronised by celebrities such as Jay Chou and Jackie Chan.  So this year when we had the all-girls trip up to Bangkok.  I was uber eager and excited about bringing them to Penn.

We arrived at the restaurant about 8pm and I was surprised at how quiet it was given that it was a Saturday night.  The Deep-fried Parrot Fish barely made an impression while the rest of the dishes that B ordered previously fizzled as they were served to us.  So, unfortunately for my friends, other than the Singha beers, Penn Restaurant wouldn’t come close to restaurant to visit again.  In fact, we over-ordered for the 3 of us and despite stuffing our faces with the not-so-great food.  R insisted on having Bird’s Nest in Chinatown.  So, that’s what we did.. grabbed a cab.. searched for the elusive Best Sharksfin/ Bird’s Nest in Chinatown and continued stuffing our faces with more food.

Nutritious Birds' Nest


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