This weekend was another one filled with indulgence.  Read: food overload with loads of good wines and please throw in the great company as well!  We kicked off the festivities with great Italian fare at PIETRASANTA, The Italian Restaurant located at Portsdown Road.

Starter: Soft Burrata Cheese with Fresh Rucola Salad, Parma Ham and Sweet Tomatoes

Primi Piatti: Spaghetti with Pigeon

Secondi Piatti: Bistecca alla Fiorentina, 1 kg T-bone Steak grilled with Rosemary and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dolce: Cuore morbid di cioccolato, Melting chocolate cake

Dolce: Pistocchi Classica, Dark Chocolate Cake, a must-try for chocolate lovers

Overall, the dining experience is simple yet delightful.  A great getaway from the hustle and bustle from the city.  Will be heading back there again to try out the other dishes.

Pietrasanta, The Italian Restaurant
Address: 5B Portsdown Road, 01-03, Singapore 139311
Tel: 65.6479 9521

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