I dedicate this post to fashionista Cat who is looking to acquire her very first Hermes Birkin.  She is on a hunt for a bag that (quote) ‘SHOUTS ME…like BOOMZ’!  Haha… so here are the pieces that caught our eye during our hour long, long-distance conversation:

< What Cat wants … totally BOOMZ lor….>

As for me, what I had my eye on was initially the Chanel 2.55, but whilst checking the prices in UK, different sales associates told me the wrong prices and even if I was willing to pay for it, the 2.55 Large was sold out in the UK.  Amazing right?  Recession?  What’s that?  A thing of the past for some I guess.  Anyway, since I couldn’t get Mademoiselle Chanel’s creation, I decided to go for my next beloved brand – Balenciaga.  I’ve been deliberating on whether to get the First for a long time, and I couldn’t resist the juicy colours that were launched for the season.

The Pomegranate is a va-va-BOOMZ colour for sure, but not available in the Harvey Nichols store.  So I thought maybe inject a burst of orange in my bag wardrobe? In comes:

MANDARIN…. (also pretty BOOMZ).

But this afternoon, my shopping accomplice brought me on one of the shopping escapades that saw more Balenciaga bags in styles that I have not commonly seen.  Best of all, thanks to the end-season-sale, the bags were on a favourable discount.  I test-drove the First in Tempete and I didn’t fall head-over-heels with the colour and almost fell-out-of-love with the style.  I found it a little too small to put all my stuff and more importantly to shove the ‘toilet sink’ down the bag.  Just as I was about to give up hope, I spied another Balenciaga bag tucked in the cupboard.  Lo and behold, another sibling to add to the family!!!  :)

Will post the new kid on the Balenciaga block soon…..


[Images taken from the purse forum and ]

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1 Response to “Bag-a-BOOMZ..”

  1. 1 Cat 24 November, 2009 at 2:19 PM

    Oii…thanks lah…but direct contribution much appreciated…heehee

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