Not your usual zi CHAR

IMG_4876A random dinner on a weekday saw us CHAR along Guillemard Road for their famed roast meat platter.  When the Man told me that he had wanted to check out CHAR, I was like ‘What’s that?’ .  This review on Eat Rubbish, Grow Rubbish sheds greater lighter on the place so I’m not going to delve into the details.  Instead, I will just share the pictures and the overall experience we had.

IMG_4877Loved that this place is pretty close to the parentals place and if you are thinking this would be a typical zi char (coffee shop) place, not quite, the ambiance reminds me of an upscale coffee shop that whips up decent Cantonese dishes.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetThe main highlight of the meal has gotta be the Char Siew (Roast Barbecued Pork)!  Since this was just going to be the main course for the evening, we got the Triple Roast platter made up of Char’s signature special Char Siew,  Roast Crispy Pork Belly and Roast Duck.  Of the lot, the Char Siew was the one that I enjoyed the most.  The pork literally melted in my mouth and it was juicy plus tender.  I guess the fatty bits used in the roast did help with the melt-in-your-mouth effect.  The Roast Crispy Pork Belly didn’t fare too badly in my books either.  The crackling was crispy with every bite.  I was in meat heaven!  The Roast Duck, on the other hand, wasn’t a dish I particularly liked, probably because I ain’t so much a roast duck fan to begin with.  Having said that, the Man thought it was decent enough to make it to his list.

IMG_4880IMG_4881As for the other sides, we  shared the Roast Pork with Beancurd Casserole and the stir-fried Kang Kong in home-made Sambal Belachan.  The Kang Kong was actually pretty good.  The Sambal Belachan was ‘sedap’ (delicious) and had the right amount of heat.  The Beancurd dish?  Well, I didn’t think it was that great.  Tasted better outside.  In fact, it was a little salty so best to have this along with rice.

I think we will come back here again for the roast meats were really good.  In fact, I probably would make a trip here to pack the meats back for the home for an easy dining option.

Address: 393 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399790
Telephone: +65 6842 7759


Almost there…

Dear Bun,

Slowly but surely, we are getting there – getting your room and your stuff ready.  Perhaps the adrenaline rush did work and I felt that we really got quite a lot of stuff done over the past week.  There’s also something about making them lists and checking the boxes one at a time as we got stuff then.

We finally settled on your cot and your daddy actually assembled the entire cot just a couple of days back.  Pretty impressed by his handiwork. Despite him being worried that it may be slip-shot, I think he did a great job for you!  Well, for one, he didn’t lose his temper which he often does when it comes to assembly of stuff.  Carpentry obviously isn’t his strongest suit.  I’ve seen him thrown tools in despair when the screws don’t fit, etc, cursing under his breath that he should have just paid a fee to assemble the item instead of spending xx amount of time assembling it.

But this time round, he was really patient, read the instructions carefully and then assembled each piece of your little bed with tender loving care.  I didn’t really help but just sat around to keep him company plus give him moral support and assurance that he was just doing fine.  After an hour or so, your little bed is finally put together and your daddy took a step back to admire what he has put together for you.  Aww, that was such a sweet moment and I know more of such moments will come where you will join him to build stuff together.

I really hope you love your little cot for we took such a long time before deciding to purchase it.  Well, as your daddy puts it, you are going to be sleeping in it every day for a very long time, so instead of splurging on a stroller that we can only use when we are going out, we decided to invest in your crib.

Unfortunately, you won’t be having your own little room for now.  We are planning to convert the balcony into a little room for you, until then, you will just have to be in the guest-room for now.  But I’m dreaming of colour palettes to dress your future room and nah, it wouldn’t be too girly pink nor shocking pink.  Instead, let’s go for a Mint and Pink colour scheme and the overall theme would be stars.  Let’s just say I spent quite a lot of time the past couple of days trawling the internet for ideas plus dreaming of the little touches that can dress your current room and make it as homely as it can possibly be before you get your own room.  Can’t wait for the items to arrive so that I can embark on the decoration.  :)

In other related news, you’ve been moving a lot recently, especially at night.  Space in mummy’s watery womb must be getting smaller as your kicks and moves are definitely getting more defined.  But we totally love it when you respond to what we tell you with a little kick as if to say you agree with us.

Till then, counting down the days where we will next see you at Dr C!

Love you loads! xoxo Mummy!


Count my blessings

The Man has been really sweet to me during this pregnancy journey.  On top of making sure I get sufficient exercise, he also indulges me when I have my cravings.  :)

So what’s the flavour for the week?  Well, to be exact, for about 3 over weeks now.  Just didn’t think it was so difficult to hunt these down!!  Prata Coins!

Cousin told me that the stall along Sin Ming sells them and I couldn’t stop thinking about them.  Couldn’t shake off the feeling of wanting to eat them and I don’t even think I am a big fan of prata in the first place.  Humph!  Anyway, after bringing it up for the xxth time and combing the entire stretch of prata shops along Simpang Bedok where we walked home empty-handed, the Man decided to brave the traffic and bring me there.  Unfortunately, I made a boo-boo and thought that the stall would be open for dinner.  Who knew they are only open in the mornings till 6.30pm.  Darn!  :(  Gave up the search and ended up at Grub which wasn’t too bad as well.

IMG_4315Was in the mood for some fish and the Fish Burger had always been something that I had wanted to try but never got the chance.  So I thought I grabbed the chance to.  Topped up $2 for the mentaiko dip which went oh-so-well with the fries.  Was satisfied after the failed attempt to get my prata coins craving fixed.

IMG_4316And I couldn’t leave Grub without having some of the famed Churros.  The Man indulged me but he did warn me that eating Churros is actually quite bad since its deep-fried and I could get a sore throat from this.  Aww… Ok, no more churros for me next time.  :)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetBut guess what?  I did my Prata Coins fix eventually!!!  :)  The Man popped by the stall after golf lesson one morning, waited to pack this and specially delivered this to work.  I didn’t really care that it was a little soggy, just happy to be able to sink my teeth into one of these!  If you are wondering, whoa this gal’s got a big appetite.  Well, I did share this with the rest of my colleagues and ate 2.  Hehe..

Checking out: Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle

This place almost needs no introduction for most would know of Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle (Bak Chor Mee) simply because of its fame.  Upon our return from St Anton, I was craving for some local food and was going to head for the passable chicken rice at the food court near the office.  Thank goodness a text message from the Man saved my tummy and the day.  It was a toss between Beo Crescent’s curry rice or any local delight of my choice.  So I chose Bak Chor Mee, particularly the stall at Hill Street.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThe wait wasn’t as painful as most warned me.  We took turns and waited in line (simply because the Man was greedy and ordered Fish and Chips from the Western stall which actually turned out pretty good).  Ordered the $5 serving and was pleased that they had other offerings of noodles besides the springy yellow noodles.

The serving of Pork Noodles (mine with Mee Tai Mak) clearly hit the sweet spot with the right amount of chilli and vinegar just the way I like it.  Craving for local delights satisfied as I headed back to work feeling stuffed and pleased.  :)


The long weekend saw us scooting off to a couple of parties.  One held specially for the bf@w’s fur-kiddo who just turned one and another for my niece and god-son who also is turning one.


A party held in honour of a special furry pal where Sparky was the other only furry pal invited to the party.  Held at iii-Cafe, we are just glad that a pet-friendly cafe in the East still exists.  Many that we know of is no longer pet-friendly and it’s kinda sad for us, pet-lovers just want a place to hang out with our furry ones once in a while.  I guess, the flip-side to this argument could be that the furry ones are a nuisance to the patrons.  Well, it’s a battle with limited answers.

The happiest dog on the block has to be the birthday boy and Sparky who because of his sheer size got to eat almost half of Horlick’s cake.  We believe that he thought he was the birthday boy instead.  Sheesh!!  Thanks again bf@w for the invite and wishing Horlick’s many more good years to come as he continues to bring joy and happiness into your lives.  :)

IMG_4842Next, a joint birthday celebration for my sweet niece who turns 3 and our god-son who is turning one!  These milestones for kiddos especially when they turn one are important so a bigger party is thrown for family and friends.  As we looked around us and saw kids running around, the Man and I looked at each other and remarked, in under 2 months, that’s what our lives could possibly become!  Parties with kiddos and kid-friendly stuff in the day rather than late-night boozing under the stars.  How is that going to turn out?  We will let you know when that time comes.

Sitting around and chatting with my cousin-in-law and sister about parties for kids, we commented that we’d always wanted to attend or have a party at McDonald’s, for during our time, it was THE coolest party to attend as kids.  It’s probably passé now, but if we were to organise one for Bun, it would probably to fulfill our childhood desires.  So watch this space!  Hehe


IMG_4768Full term is about 40 weeks but anytime between 36 weeks onwards, baby could arrive.  So that’s what really got me panicking folks!  Having said that, any changes to how I’m feeling other than growing Bump?  I do feel tired easily these days, but adrenaline keeps me going.  That plus my weekly dose of home-made Chicken Essence which I take on days when the workload is heavier.  My appetite hasn’t been that great either.  Perhaps Bun is just pushing the stomach and if I were to take a huge meal, chances are I get the occasional heart-burn coupled with indigestion for the rest of the day.  Yea, third tri blues they say.  So I try to eat many small meals a day if I can which I find helps.

Clothing-wise?  Choices are starting to be limited so I will probably just rotate the pieces that fit Bump for now with the few pieces of maternity wear that I got.  Let’s see! ;)

Talk about nesting…

Well, I didn’t know that panicking and getting ready for Bun’s arrival actually had a term for it until the sister remarked that I’m in a nesting phase.  Went online to check and according to this article from What to expect, yup, I seemed to have checked most of the boxes.  Actually, I think I’m more in a state of panic rather than nesting for other than clothes, it didn’t feel like we got much done.

So for the past week or so, panic mode got the better of me.  Compiled all the lists that friends shared with me and consolidated one on my own.  We eventually settled on our cot and it’s coming next week.  :)  I got my butt of the chair and finally cleared out an entire wardrobe for her.


We braved the Baby Expo and got the Cocoonababy which I’m hoping (fingers and toes all crossed) that it works since it’s so darn expensive!  We also got our baby monitor and sorted out Bun’s cord banking at the fair.  The first day was massive madness and it was nearly impossible to even window-shop.  There were some good deals to be picked up but the crowds were scary.  Plus, the Man is not a big fan of the crowds, so I’m just lucky that he went with me despite the grumbling.  ;)

IMG_4777After Baby Expo, I was raring to go since it was the holiday and the Man was with me.  We ended up at Ikea to buy wardrobe organisers for me to stack her stuff.  Then to Baby Kingdom in Eunos to get more random stuff like baby dish-washing liquid, detergent, rubber changing mat, etc.  Managed to also pick up a changing station for S$150 which we thought was a pretty good deal.  S highly recommended getting one of these so that all of baby’s stuff can be easily retrievable when you are changing baby.

IMG_4785I started sorting out the clothes and organising some of her swaddles into the drawer organisers that we got.  Threw in some lovely scented drawer linens into the wardrobe and am secretly pleased how much we managed to achieve in a day.  Next?  Just a couple more essentials to get, laundry to do and to organise her bedroom in anticipation for her arrival.

Almost there…. it’s all coming together slowly and I’m hoping everything will fall into its place.

Do you believe in the nesting instinct?  If yes, what are some of the things you did to prep for your lil’ one’s arrival?  :)

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