Starting Bubba on solids

Yes, another phase in Bubba’s life.. the journey into solids.

Several questions came to mind of course:
– How should we introduce solid foods?
– What should we start with?
– How do we know if Bubba is full?
– How many times a day should Bubba be eating solid food?

I was supposed to do all the reading up and research a couple of months back, but I obviously didn’t. Now I feel super unprepared and scrambling to read up what I possibly can so as to put Bubba on the right track before her first bite.

Here are some useful tips that I found online to those ‘mind-boggling’ questions that I kept asking myself. Thought I’d list them down so that I can read them over again and to also share with the rest of you:

IMG_1632How will I know when Bubba’s ready for solids?
Well, Bubba has given us signs that she’s ready to move beyond liquid-only nourishment. Some of the cues that we’ve noted include :
a) Head control (she’s able to keep her head in a steady and upright position)
b) Sitting well when supported – this is important as she needs to be able to sit upright in order to swallow well
IMG_1280c) Chewing motions – we’ve noticed that when we let her hold a piece of bread roll during our meal times, she is able to put the bread into her mouth and while attempting to swallow the bread. She does it with success after her drool has softened the bread significantly. We are also trying out Baby-Led Weaning which is why we let her play with a huge chunk of bread roll instead of starting with purees. We are not going full on Baby-Led Weaning but will explore a good mixture of both.
IMG_1716d) Curious about what we are eating. We make it a point for her to sit on her high-chair at meal-times. She seems to take an interest on what we are doing and will sometimes reach out to play with our utensils. 

So, how should we introduce solid foods to Bubba?
I’ve read that for most infants, we can start off with any pureed solid food. Typically, most would recommend starting baby on solids with a single-grain cereal but there’s no evidence to show that introducing solid foods in a particular order has any benefit to the baby. Some of the suggested good foods to start with include pureed sweet potatoes, squash, apples, bananas, peaches and pears.

Here’s what I will probably do:
First, nurse or bottle-feed Bubba. I will then give her one or two teaspoons of pureed solid food. I will be mixing her meals with cereal as it’s easier for the care-givers to manage and monitor when I’m work. A couple of tips that my sister shared is to mix 2 teaspoons of cereal with about 30 – 50ml of  breast milk to make it into a semi-liquid. Start with just a small amount of food on the tip of the spoon and let Bubba smell and taste the food.

During our last check-up with our pediatrician, he also advised that we should not add cereal to the baby’s bottle or she may not make the connection that food is to be eaten sitting up and from a spoon. We should also take the cue from Bubba so it’s best to begin with a once-a-day feeding, preferably when Bubba is the happiest and not at a time when she seems tired or cranky. He also shared that she may not eat much in the beginning so we shouldn’t force her if she is not interested. The whole idea is to let her  get used to the experience and practice keeping food in her mouth and swallowing it.

Once she gets used to this new diet, she will be ready for a few tablespoons of food a day and we can gradually look into including lunch into her diet.

Going to be experimenting with solids tomorrow for Bubba, so stay tuned to see how we will fare on this. Also, if you have any tips to share, please do send them along my way. :)

Happy Half-Birthday..

IMG_1673Dear Bubba,

6 months already… where has all the time gone? I now know why sometimes people say mothers are naggy, because I feel like I have become a broken recorder when penning these letters to you. But I honestly can’t help feeling this way… not the naggy bit but the emotional bit about how fast you are growing and time is quickly slipping away.

IMG_1784First things first, let’s not forget the customary #milestonecards shot! We sort of celebrated your half birthday by bringing you for a small photo-shoot. Think the shoot went pretty well and there were some really nice shots of you. We couldn’t resist and ended up buying all the pics from the shoot even though we are usually quite reserved when it comes to the photo-selection having been through a couple of other shoots. I think just looking at those pics of you makes our hearts melt so it takes very little convincing for us to buy up everything. No wonder they say having a baby is expensive!


Daddy has penned a lovely note to you to mark your 6 months so I’m just going to list down the different things that you have done this month:
You are now so much more expressive. You scream/wail when I’m out of your sight if I’m home when it’s close to your bedtime. When you are not happy, you make that known loudly by screaming. That said, when you are happy, your little squeals of laughter and chuckles brings an instant smile to any dreary day that we are having. You also love putting almost anything and everything into your mouth. Signs of teething or trying out new food? I now have to bring along a pack of hand/mouth wipes when we are out just to make sure your hands are clean before you stuff them into your mouth.

You have slowly learned how to crawl and that resulted in your first fall off the bed. I know it was going to happen but I definitely didn’t think it would be that soon. I don’t really dare to leave you out of my sight any more as I really fear you will fall again. So when I leave you on our bed and I have to zip in for a quick shower in the morning when Daddy is not around, I thank my lucky stars for BabyTV and how fixated you can be to the flickering lights and animated sounds on the screen. But please don’t be a TV addict. Just a couple of minutes a day is fine for now.

Forgot to mention also, just how cute your little bum is shaking as you are trying to learn how to crawl more steadily.

IMG_1474Sitting up:
You’ve also learned how to sit up right. Again like crawling, you ain’t very steady and have toppled several times hitting your head against the cot. But with practice, you are sitting a little more steadily now. I think the TV time did help for it keeps you focused at a stationery object for a longer period of time. Sigh.. the evils of TV..

IMG_1727[Photo credit: Aunty Libby]

Speaking of sitting up, we started to put you in a high chair when we go out. You are still a little tiny for the high chairs outside but nothing a buckle cannot solve. You manage to stay all of 15 – 20 minutes (at best) in it for us to gobble our meals. If we have a toy, that will keep you occupied for a bit before you start yelling to be carried.

IMG_1717Starting on solids:
Yup, we will be starting you on solids real soon. But we see that you are interested in foods already so we started giving you some bread rolls to play with. Your little grip on the bread plus you slowly putting the piece of bread into your mouth has been really fascinating to watch. Soon, my little one, cereals and purees for you. :)


Till the next month update my little one.. can’t wait to see what surprises you will spring on to us.

Love you loads!
xoxo: Mummy

More toiletries for Bubba

Chanced upon Big Little Me and was quite impressed with the products that they were carrying for little humans. :) They are currently having a 10% Christmas sale from now till 25 December so took the opportunity to purchase some of these products to try on Bubba.

IMG_1669Since becoming a Mom, I’ve been on a look-out for organic toiletries for Bubba. After reading this post by Mama Libby, I wanted to give the Bio-Shield Kiddie Spray and the Little Innoscents Winter Blue Vapour Balm a try the last time round before we head up to Tokyo. Never got the chance to and since we will be making another trip out of Singers, decided to enjoy the offer and pop them into my shopping cart.

IMG_1670I also carted the Mineral Powder to try as Bubba has been quite prone to heat rash of late. I have been quite resistant to put powder on Bubba as the fine particles of the powder may irritate her tiny nostrils. Given that she’s about 6 months now, I decided to give this a try for I’ve checked out the ingredients and read that the Koalin White Clay that’s used in this powder is also known for its astringent and absorbent properties, making it more effective for absorbing excess moisture and toxins. I tried the powder on Bubba upon receiving the items. First impressions? The powder smelled wonderful because of the Lavender and Spearmint essential oils. Since then, we’ve been using a little of this after Bubba’s bath on her neck area and I think it did help to control the rash.

Decided to get the Intensive Soothing Cream which can double up to soothe diaper rashes as well as insect bites. I liked the fact that with the purchase of the Little Innoscents range, part of the proceeds go to helping Children’s Society. Nice to know that my shopping is helping others as well. :)

Last but not least, I’ve tried the Buds Organics Everyday Head to Toe Cleanser previously as a sample that was included in the Vaby Box. Loved the scent and decided to try out some of their other products. As we will be traveling real soon, the compact size of the Buds Organics Bottle and Utensil Cleanser as well as Buds Baby Safe Laundry Detergent is ideal to bring along for a short trip as I foresee there will be washing of Bubba’s feeding equipment. Following our last family holiday to Tokyo where we didn’t pack any baby detergent and I needed some to hand-wash some of her clothes, I decided to keep some baby detergent on hand for our upcoming trip if we need to remove stains from her clothes.

I have to add that the folks at the Big Little Me team are fantastic as well. My order was completed without much fuss and I received the items pretty quickly with some complimentary samples. Loved that the items are all packed properly as well (ie: no spillage) and the hand-written note from Justine with little tips on how the items should be used.

Can’t wait to try out the rest of the products now. :) Will probably do up a post to share some of Bubba’s fave toiletries that I have been using on her so please look-out for that.



Pumpin’ with Pigeon

[Sponsored review]

IMG_0178Remember the PIGEON event that I attended in November? I’ve known of other brands of breast pumps but when it came to purchasing a set of my own, I went with the popular brand because nearly everyone close to me recommended it. Well, popular brand of choice failed on me not once but twice. The first time, the Man had to run out to buy me a brand new set of breast pumping equipment. The second time it failed on me, I was left helpless and had to learn the art of hand expression to get the milk out. The entire process was long-drawn and with a time-crunch I have at work, it was simply too nerve-wrecking. That’s not all, there were times where I have to work on weekends and when that happens, it was just too troublesome to think about expressing my breast milk as there was either no nursing room in sight or there’s simply too much to bring along on top of work stuff.

So when I shared my woes at the PIGEON event, the folks there suggested I look at the new Manual Breast Pump which seemed to suit my work/ lifestyle needs.

IMG_0181I checked out the Manual Breast Pump and liked how compact the device was. Better yet, I didn’t have to worry about the pump not working if it ever ran out of battery. The Manual Breast Pump is easy to assemble and to bring around when I need to be running around for work at weekend events.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI was thrilled when the good folks at PIGEON sent me the Manual Breast Pump for me to test and review. :) Timing was just right as well for I had a full-day weekend event that saw me moving to 2 different locations. Already my supply had dipped and I was worried that if I didn’t pump at a regular interval, my supply would dip further and let’s not forget the engorgement issue.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI opened up the box and above are the contents that when assembled make up the Manual Breast Pump. In each breast pump set that you purchase from PIGEON, they have included 2 Comfort ProperFit Flange – regular (23 mm in diameter) and large (27 mm in diameter). Again, I think it’s really thoughtful of them to do so because there is no one-size-fits-all magic fit when it comes to the flange sizes and I’ve once sent my cousin to help me purchase a smaller sized flange simply because the complimentary one that was given in the breast pump set was too big for me. So having 2 sizes in one box is really ideal.

Now to put the pump to test!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Assembly of the Manual Pump wasn’t too difficult if you follow the step-by-step instructions included in the box. I got my helper to sterilise the parts the night before and all these items were then placed in a zip-lock bag. When it was time for me to put this device to test, I zipped away for a couple of minutes during my work event and quickly assembled the Manual Pump.

I studied the guide the night before so I started first with the Stimulation mode to create the gentle suction stimulation, once the flow was established, I switched to the Expression mode with the push of a button. As it was my first time using a Manual pump, it did take a while for me to get used to the pumping motion by hand. But one thing for sure, using this device definitely beats hand expression.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAfter the breast milk is collected into the bottle, I simply popped the sealing disk over the cap, screwed it tightly and placed the bottle into the Coleman sports bottle filled with ice. This mode of transportation of expressed breast milk is a tip given by my sister. She shared that it’s easier to transport the ‘goods’ this way then to use ice-packs as the packs can only last about 4 hours max. Plus, it’s way easier to get ice outside and add into the Coleman sports bottle then finding a fridge. Remember I was going to be out the whole day with no access to a fridge. So this arrangement worked out pretty well for me that day. Phew!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

 Now, to sum up what I really liked about PIGEON Manual Breast Pump:

  • It’s compact, handy and lightweight (182g)! Perfect for me when I need to work on the weekends with no access to a proper nursing room. Plus, it’s quiet, so I don’t have to worry about inviting stares from people.
  • I don’t have to worry about charging the device! The only power that I need is manual ‘hand power’! The ergonomic easy-express handle enables comfortable and easy pumping which reduces hand fatigue. This point is something you will definitely appreciate!
  • Easy to use! With just a few parts, it’s quick and simple to assemble this device.

When it comes to taking care of the Manual breast pump, the washing/sterilising of the parts are not too difficult either. I simply washed the parts with the gentle dishwashing liquid meant for cleaning baby’s equipment and sterilised them. However, do note that the silicone valve is rather delicate, so wash with care or it will tear easily. That happened to me, my helper accidentally tore the silicon valve while washing it. Thank goodness there’s a spare silicone valve included in the box that I can use. But if you ever need to purchase spares as back-up, you will have to go to the PIGEON Singapore Office located at 84 Genting Lane, Singapore 349584.


The PIGEON Manual Breast Pump is retailing at S$79.90 at all major departmental and baby speciality stores.

Thanks PIGEON Singapore for sending this set along my way! It’s certainly a handy option (pardon the pun) for moms like me who enjoy the simplicity and fuss-free pumps. Plus, let’s not forget, this device has been a life-saver on occasions where I had to work over the weekends.


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received the Manual Breast Pump worth S$79.90 from PIGEON Singapore to test and review.  No monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Letter to Sophie from Daddy X 2

Dear Sophie,

Happy 6 months old!. And as promised, Daddy is writing u another letter. How time flies.. in a  bat of an eyelid u are now more than double of your birth weight! You are so much more responsive to the surrounding, and you have definitely found your voice! We hear u complain when u are unhappy, and we also hear so much more of your laughter now. So what are the most memorable moments these 3 mths? Here goes!


  • Father – daughter outings. So we have our first Daddy and Sophie outing right when u are about 4 mths old. Mommy was out so I had 2 hrs with u alone. We didn’t wander very far, just walking around the malls in Orchard. But I really enjoyed carrying u in the baby carrier.


  • Our almost daily exercise regime. You are now much stronger and have really stable neck and back. I love the morning stretching sessions with you and also using u as a weight for core training :) I think u like it too as u are always smiling when we do this. can’t wait for u to be bigger and perhaps we can go for some yoga classes together!


  • Feeding – right around the 5th mth, you are able to hold your own bottle with both hands and feed yourself! U still need some help to tilt the bottle in the right angle but we are getting there!


  • Your first fall – i kept thinking when was this going to come.. and this came right before u hit your 6month milestone. Daddy has an office party and had come home late… was supposed to look after you in the morning but I doze off.. and next we hear was a screaming baby at the bottom of the bed.. thank god you are ok.. And I think it’s better this happen in my watch than anyone else :) I know this won’t be the last fall, but let’s try to minimise this.


  • Our first race – u did your first kids dash at the SCB Singapore Marathon, mommy kindly registered for us and I think u must be one of the youngest participants. U were asleep 2 mins into the race, but we still did it together! can’t wait for u to be bigger and we can do a 10km race together, with u in the stroller of course.


There are so many things that i wanted to list down, to be honest, every moment with you is special to me. You are learning and growing so fast, that i know soon I’m really gonna miss this age of you.

But that said, continue to grow up well girl, and daddy will be with you at every step.

IMG_1759P.S. (in Hokkien saying, babies will sit on 7th month, crawl on 8th month and teeth on the 9th, think you already mastered the sitting part 1 month earlier. Looking forward to the next few milestones!)

Lotsa love, Daddy


Christmas Wonderland

This has been on the to-go list with Bubba when I heard about the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay and saw several pretty pics by the folks on my Instagram feed. The problem with going to Gardens by the Bay when there’s such a fair going on is the crowd? Remember the Man? Not a fan of the crowd. So when I casually mentioned to the Man to bring Bubba along to see the Christmas lights at the Gardens after work last Friday, I was surprised he said yes.


We recently upgraded Bubba’s stroller to the road-facing system that’s meant for babies 6 months and above. Here’s the little one getting used to the new stroller and looking intently at her new surroundings.

I’ve heard of the massive crowds all eager to check out the Christmas lights so we decided to head to the Gardens straight after work. We arrived at about 5.45pm and managed to secure a parking spot. As it was obviously not dark yet, we strolled around the gardens for a bit before heading into Veranda Cafe for a quick bite. I kept telling the Man that there’s a Christmas market near the main centre of attraction and perhaps they may serve food there but that obviously fell to deaf ears. Having said that, food at Veranda Cafe was pretty decent with a good mix of fusion fare.

IMG_1194We are also trying to train Bubba up so that she will be able to differentiate meal-times and sit with us to have our meals. Since she is able to sit more upright these days, we put her up in a high-chair and let her play around with her fave chew-toy while we have our meal.


The action started after dinner and we took a slow work towards the Supertree Grove where most of the action happens – well, okay, where the Christmas Wonderland structure is supposed to be.

Apparently, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens by the Bay is set to recreate the the experience of celebrating the festive season in the tropics with a magnificent display of light sculptures from Europe and a charming Christmas market.

IMG_1201We were bowled over by the dazzling lights as we made our way to the lighted structures. Loved the gazebo where carollers spread the festive cheer. The Christmas market paled in comparison to the ones that we’ve been to in Europe but I guess the organisers really tried their best. If you can’t have mulled wine in our heat, then have an ice cold beer instead. There were some stalls selling  knick-knacks and of course food. 

IMG_1202What you must not miss is the Spiegeltent which is a 200-year old travelling tent from the Netherlands. One can dine or have a drink in this Baroque-styled tent. We wanted to have a drink there after the soaking up the blizzard fun but it got too crowded and we decided to head home. But the Man is keen on coming back so we may just be lucky the next time round.

IMG_1205And now for the most magnificent lighted structure that has graced the Gardens – the Luminarie light sculptures specially handcrafted and flown in from Italy – for this festive season. The pictures that I’ve seen online were already pretty amazing but nothing beats witnessing this lighted structure in all its grandeur in real life.

IMG_1209 IMG_1210Yes, Bubba was also very fascinated with the dazzling and sparkling lights. :) She’s at a phase where she’s attracted to bright lights so bringing her to the Christmas light-up is perfect for it kept her entertained and both the Man and I captivated with her little antics.

IMG_1215A highlight for the evening is of course the Blizzard show which happens 4 times daily (depending on weather conditions). The timings as follows: 7.30pm, 8.20pm, 9.05pm and 9.45pm. Well, since we don’t get real snow in Singapore, this would be as close as we get to snow for Bubba (for now). It won’t be long before she can join us on our winter getaways. Held at the Spalliera, the foam base snow simulation saw huge crowds gathering around and waiting patiently for the ‘snow storm’ to take place.

IMG_1228We obviously had to soak in the atmosphere and join in the fun, of course. Even though it was way past Bubba’s bedtime, we decided to break the rules for that evening. I’m sure she would hardly remember all of this but we will and that’s what matters.


We made this little video as well to capture her little smiles.

If I could just sum up the evening, ‘Oh Bubba, I really think how wonderful it is to see the world through your little eyes.’

Capturing memories..

Before Bubba’s arrival, I signed up for a maternity shoot and a newborn shoot with White Room Studio. They did our little family shots with Sparky and we had been pleased with some of the shots. I wasn’t quite sure whether I should do the maternity shoot but a couple of my close friends have shared that it is something that they regretted not doing, so I decided for the fun of it sign up. The shoot was done when I was about 35/36 weeks. We haven’t seen the shots yet because after a couple of weeks later, I gave birth and the mayhem began. We also postponed the newborn shoot as we did the one with Tomato Photography instead.

Bubba is due to turn 6 months soon and I’ve seen how some friends have celebrated half-birthdays for their little ones. So I thought since we have an existing package with White Room Studio, might as well do a little 2-in-1 celebratory photoshoot : one to commemorate our 8th wedding anniversary and another to celebrate her almost half-birthday. :)

Again, I wanted the shots to be clean and obviously this time round, the star should be Bubba. So the Man and I decked out in jeans and a white top. Bubba, on the other hand, had all these outfits that I prepped for her.

IMG_0880We ended up using 3 out of the 4 outfits that I had set aside. I also brought along several bows and head accessories to jazz up her outfit and they really did.

IMG_0976Here are some shots of Bubba in her fluffy cloud tutu skirt and L’Enfant crown in purple from The Little Bow Co. Like any proud parent to his/her child, I think she looks really, really cute in the entire get-up. I hope Melody (the photog) managed to capture some good shots of her!

IMG_0977Here’s another Mother-Daughter get-up that I specially got for the shoot. The matching tee/ onesie were really cute and clearly brought the message across that Bubba is often the one not tired while Mummy over here is just dead-tired to the bones. I had to dramatise the entire tired look and yawn (which could be better) so not quite sure how this will turn out.

We are viewing the shots end this week so fingers crossed we will get some nice shots.. although, this will probably mean a big hole in our pocket. Yikes and stay tuned!


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