Shopping for diapers in Tokyo

Having lived in Tokyo before, I have to admit that I kinda took it for granted thinking that it would be easy to get baby stuff in Japan. We knew where to get stuff but we forgot that when we were living there, it was before Baby. So when packing for the trip (which suddenly feels like ages ago now), we decided that it shouldn’t be that difficult to get diapers in Tokyo. Will just grab a pack the next day when we head out to the shops.

Turned out I was wrong. The next day, we were out shopping in Ginza. I popped in to my fave pharmacy which is like a Watsons. I expected to find diapers tucked in the baby section of the store. When I asked the sales assistant in my broken Japanese, she shrugged and showed me to a teeny tiny pack of diapers. Okay.. maybe the people living in Ginza won’t buy diapers. I probably need to look else where. We happened to be going Roppongi for dinner that evening. We thought perhaps the Azabu Juban hood near Roppongi would have diapers. So we went round hunting for diapers in the supermarkets that we were familiar with. Well, they did have diapers but they weren’t in Bubba’s size.

Just as we were about to give up, I spotted a rather large pharmacy across the road at Roppongi. Badgered the Man to head there before we head off to dinner and lo and behold, we found diapers!!! I wasn’t sure if we were going to hit diaper jackpot, so I bought 2 packs of diapers (just in case).

IMG_8692I love Merries diapers for they are thin but yet ultra-absorbent. They are a tad bit more expensive here in Singers but over in Japan, it was pretty cheap. So I decided to pop them in our shopping bag since it’s a brand that we have been familiar with. I also got a bag of Moony diapers to try. Price-wise, they are the same as the Merries one. Quality wise, I must say, they are better than Merries. I’m pretty impressed with the softness and the fit of the diapers on Bubba. The elastic band is snug but not tight – a winner in my books. Also grabbed some Moony wet-wipes as we didn’t bring many with us and they are by far the best wipes we got. The wipes were really thin but yet soft and did a great job of cleaning up the mess.

Because we didn’t buy a lot of stuff during our trip and had excess luggage, I really wanted to buy more of these diapers to fill up our luggage. Unfortunately, we didn’t head back there and the other places (pharmacies/ supermarkets) didn’t stock these so I couldn’t play the role of a crazy Singaporean to bring back more of these Moony diapers.

Well, if we ever head back to Japan. I will get more of these. Else, I hear that they are stocked in Singapore over at Tiny Tree. I hope they will be stocked in our local supermarket soon as well. Fingers crossed!

Goodbye wheels..

Last weekend, our trusty Mom Mobile finally broke down on us. It was pretty dramatic actually. I was heading with Bubba to Church for a briefing. The car ride was probably less than 10 minutes from my mom’s place to church. Shortly after leaving my mom’s place, S started wailing in her car seat. I shrugged it off for it was a hot day and the air-conditioning in Mom Mobile was already acting up on us.

When we arrived in Church, we had to wait in line to park for mass has yet to end. We eventually made it into the church compound and all this while, Bubba was still screaming in her car seat. I tried to pacify her but to no avail, she wanted to be picked up like NAO. It was then I noticed smoke coming out from the bonnet. Damn, not a good sign, I thought to myself. I felt a little helpless and thankfully, the Warden helped me out. He guided me to a proper lot and then told me that the car had been leaking and the radiator is probably either trashed or over-heated. Sigh, me no understand car talk.

I quickly parked the car and rushed to attend to Bubba. Poor gal, when I lifted her up from the seat, she was drenched in perspiration. I hugged her and tried to calm her down before whisking her to attend the briefing. Thankfully, the room was air-conditioned, else I probably would walk out and not put her through the ordeal.

Had to also call the Man to rescue us and Mom Mobile for it was just parked at the Church compound. The Man drove it to the workshop while I baby-wore Bubba back to my Mom’s place. The next day, we received a quote from the workshop. To repair Mom Mobile would set us back by at least 2k. We decide not to repair it since our new set of wheels is scheduled to come some time in November.

IMG_9444We are currently car-less but it hasn’t quite stopped us from going out yet. We will just have to rethink logistics and I will baby-wear Bubba when we head out then. The carrier is a little warm but she does take her naps in the carrier so yay for that.

Now I’m just hoping that we get the car sooner so that we can be a little more mobile and go on more mom-Bubba adventures. Fingers crossed!


Post-partum hair loss that is!

Sigh.. it’s true what they say! At about 4 months, the mom will start dropping hair and loads of it! I didn’t quite believe it but when Bubba hit about 4 months, I realised that more strands of hair have been falling out. Off to Dr Google I went in search of answers and found that the shedding of more hair is perfectly normal after giving birth. I won’t go bald and apparently everything should be back to normal by Bubba’s first birthday (that’s like another 8 more months to go).

According to Baby Centre: Here’s what’s going on. Normally, about 85 to 95 percent of the hair on your head is growing and the other 5 to 15 percent is in a resting stage. After the resting period, this hair falls out — often while you’re brushing or shampooing it — and is replaced by new growth. An average woman sheds about 100 hairs a day.

During pregnancy, increased levels of estrogen prolong the growing stage. There are fewer hairs in the resting stage and fewer falling out each day, so you have thicker, more luxuriant tresses.

After you give birth, your estrogen levels take a tumble and a lot more hair follicles enter the resting stage. Soon you’ll have more hair coming out in the shower or on the brush. This unusual shedding will taper off and your hair will be back to its pre-pregnancy thickness about six to 12 months after you give birth.

By the way, not all women notice dramatic changes in their hair during pregnancy or the postpartum period. Among those who do, it tends to be more obvious among women with longer hair.  Not so true I guess for I have short hair and I can already feel the difference.

Anyway, what’s interesting is this myth that a friend’s mom shared with me. She asked me to put XO/ Cognac on my scalp to stimulate hair growth. Not sure if it works but has anyone tried this? Or is it just a myth?

Best pals in the making?

Many have asked how has Sparky taken to Sophie. Some have even noticed the ‘disappearance’ of Sparky’s presence here and my IG feeds ever since Bubba’s arrival. They asked if I had neglected Sparky.

Truth be told, yes, while I haven’t neglected Sparky, but time spent with him has been significantly lesser. I feel bad that I no longer dish out hugs and kisses so readily because I hold on to Bubba more often. But she’s tiny now and in time to come, she will get used to him and then we can all dish out the hugs and kisses.

IMG_9226The initial couple of weeks were really tough on all of us. The presence of Sophie threw the family dynamics a little. Sparky would bark constantly when we were upstairs fussing over little human. He would also be very fascinated with her socks and often end up jumping at Sophie in an attempt to chew off her socks. She was so tiny then so we tried to minimise the contact with the both of them since he’s so huge.

IMG_9228Things have somewhat improved. She’s grown and we try to get the 2 of them to spend some time together on a daily basis. So before she takes her morning bath, we will get Bubba to pet Sparky or to lie on him just for him to get used to her and vice versa.

IMG_9234It will take a while before they become best pals but we will get there. I just hope Sparky will not get too jealous of Sophie and he will end up protecting her instead.

October’s Vaby Box

Guess who was thrilled to receive this month’s Vaby Box?

IMG_9220And rightfully so for this month’s Vaby Box contained most of the stuff that Bubba can use.


Here are the items that was tucked inside the Vaby Box:

  • The Q10 Skin : A premium Peppermint essence that’s made of pure beeswax which can help numb the area to stop itch and can also be used to clear any nasal congestion. What I like about this is how small it is, perfect to tuck inside my diaper bag and for any unforseen medical emergencies. (1 piece at S$5 / bundled pack of 6 pcs at S$24 and 10 pcs at S$40)
  • Summer Citrus 5X Dishwashing Liquid by IDOCARE : Love how compact this dishwashing liquid is which is perfect for our next family getaway. One thing I learn about traveling with babies is that you will also need to pack a gentle dishwashing liquid to be used for washing of  their bottles plus my breast pump. What’s great about this product is that it can effectively remove the grease from the bottles and yet gentle on my hands. Ever since Bubba’s arrival, I have kinda neglected my hands for I find it a little too troublesome to moisturise my hands and then carry her. So this product is ideal and not add on to drying of my skin. The price of this product is also pretty attractive at 500ml per bottle for only S$6.95.
  • Everyday Head to Toe Cleanser by Bud Cosmetics: A cleanser that you could add to your baby’s bath or simply on a wet-towel to wipe baby down. I used the latter option instead as Bubba takes one shower a day and does a wipe-down in the evenings. Love the soft scent from this cleanser that lingered on Bubba as we wiped her down and put her in her jammies, all ready for bed.
  • Hiruscar : I’m so prone to scaring and keloids so I’m pretty intrigued with this product. Perhaps those keloids that I had with my previous op with soften and smoothen out with this gel. Well, one can only hope that this works.
  • Boony Baby Diapers : Never quite heard of this brand of diapers but don’t mind trying it out to see if it’s absorption of urine is good. Price-wise, it’s one of the lowest that I’ve seen in the market at S$12.80 for a pack of 36 to 58 pcs depending on size of diapers. That is cheap right?
  • Nuturmeals (Scrumptious Squash-flavour) : In preparation for Bubba’s journey into solids! Not sure if this will actually taste any good but I guess if I mix it up with breastmilk and use it as a spread on breads for Bubba, it may work? Well, let’s see.. will update when that happens.
  • The Playhouse S$5 food voucher

I’m having a lot of fun testing out the products tucked in October’sVaby Box and you can also do so by signing up as a member. Remember to also like them on Facebook to find out more about their shopping deals. :)


Note: Lady J’s musings received the Vaby Box for the purpose of this review and no additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products.

Why you no sleep….

IMG_9323It’s amazing how little sleep Bubba can survive on.  I know this because sometimes I do spend 24 hours a day with her and I can just keep track of the amount of sleep that she takes in. She’s currently undergoing Mental Leap 4 and I wonder whether it has something to do with the leap. But regardless of whether she’s undergoing this developmental leap, she has been napping rather poorly these couple of days. Sigh.. shouldn’t babies be sleeping like ALL.THE.TIME?!?

So when friends tell me how their babies have been sleeping 5hour stretches through the night or how they can fall asleep on their own, I can’t help but feel happy and superbly envious of them. I long and hope for the day that Bubba can do the same.

And yes, we had grand plans – for Bubba to sleep in her cot, in her own room. But circumstances got the better of us and we all ended up in the same room. Yup, she sometimes end up on our bed too because I am simply too tired to put her back into the cot after nursing her at times. Well, it’s certainly not the situation that we planned on having. Some friends asked why in the world did we do what we did. Sometimes I feel kinda judged but then again, she’s our child and honestly, we don’t have to answer to anyone why we do what we do.

All babies are wired differently and we do our best to structure a schedule for her that will hopefully set the foundation for better sleep days ahead for all of us. Some days, it works where she will just fall asleep but some days she puts up a fight and it can take about an hour before she drifts off to slumberland. But I’m hopeful. Slowly but surely, we will get there. Next step for us? Sleep training.. watch this space or please do share any tips if you have.

Checking out: Dutch Colony Coffee Co

Sunday brunch dates take on a slightly different twist with the Bub in tow. Well, it’s not as if she can have anything but it sure is nice to spend some time together as a family before we drop her off at my Mom’s and we go for our weekly massage. Food plays a huge part in both of our lives and we kinda can’t wait for her to be able to join us at the table munching off bread and sipping juices.

Couldn’t be more pleased with the number of quaint cafes that have opened up in the East.. makes it easier for us to have our brunch then drop off the Bub. Thanks to a tip-off by E from E loves to cook, we found ourselves kinda bright and early at Dutch Colony Coffee at Frankel Avenue. Parking can be quite challenging over here so thankfully, I was with the Man who managed to score us a spot that involved some form of parallel parking. Not sure if I would be able to make it there on my own otherwise.

IMG_8322The place is pretty spacious and I love how the light shines through the glass panels making it look like such a happy place. Seats are filled pretty quickly so if you wanna bring a kid with a stroller, best to take the seats that are closest to the doors for ‘ample parking’ of the stroller.

IMG_8323If we are lucky and catch her morning naps, this is what happens when the Man and I take time to have our breakfast! Sleeping Bubba FTW! :)

IMG_8324With a name like Dutch Colony Coffee, doesn’t really take a genius to figure out what they are famed for. They have several brews for the picking but as I am trying to minimise caffeine intake so as not to have a waking bub, I went for the juices while the Man chose the Brazil coffee bean brew. Must add that I was pretty impressed with the service here. We had the barista coming to us to ask if we enjoyed the coffee. The service staff are also friendly and helped clean up the table promptly when we were waiting to get our seats.

Now for the food! The food menu is decent and the breakfast offerings are rather substantial. We shared the Croque Monsieur as well as the French Toast.

IMG_8328I love the bread that they use to make the Croque Monsieur as well as the French Toast. It was thick and fluffy which made for a really nice bite.  IMG_8331Pleased to have found this place so near the hood and looks like I will be heading back for more of their breads. Plus, they are open 7 days a weeks which is perfect for me when I need to spend some time with the Bub on Mondays (where I will not be working). Now, I just gotta figure out to get parking there. Hmm…