Letter to Sophie X 3

IMG_8370I’m 3 months already… What…

My darling Sophie,

Where did all the time go? Seriously! In a blink of an eye, you are now 3 months old.  Just 3 months ago, you were so teeny-tiny when I held you in my arms. Also, I can’t believe in about 3 weeks time I will be heading back to work.. WAH… just thinking about it makes my heart go all achy-breaky.. I cannot imagine being away from you since we practically spend every waking moment together. :\ Yeah, sometimes  you drive me crazy but in a good crazy kinda way and I don’t want to be away from you.

You are getting a lot more responsive these days.. chatty, in fact. I love how we ‘chit-chat’ every morning after your morning feed and in the noon when you refuse to go to sleep. I love putting you up and we have a convo around nothing and everything. You light up my face with your smiles and I can’t wait to hear you chuckle (soon, I hope).

IMG_8372Sleep also seems like a thing of the past. You constantly fight sleep and it’s amazing how little sleep you can survive on. Shouldn’t babies be sleep like all day long? We try to put you on a schedule, it did work for a while but most days, you just fight and fight sleep. Most of the time, we give up in pure exhaustion so we let you talk to yourself, kick around and then pick you up when you finally cry for attention. Fingers crossed that it works so that we can finally rest. I hope it’s not the dreaded sleep regression that everyone talks about. It’s too soon for that please! Just go and sleep…

IMG_8369On top of playing dress-up with you, did I tell you how much I love looking and staring at you again? Well, I started to dig through my old photos and found that we do look pretty alike in some ways, but you’ve got bigger eyes I think. :) I’m so glad that you are in our lives and especially mine. Daddy’s been really busy so it’s just the two of us for now and it’s been great having you as my little companion.

This is also the month that you fell sick for the first time. Like I said previously, we totally were not expecting you to fall ill so soon but well, Daddy has been sick and probably pass on the germs to you. It pains me to see you cough with all your might in your little body and how hard you’ve been breathing because of a blocked nose. Get well soon Sweetie, else we will have to be stuck at home and may not even go on our holiday. :(

Speaking of which, packing for you sure is challenging. I only hope the one thousand and one things that I’ve packed is sufficient for you. We will be running out to buy diapers and wet-wipes when we arrive in Tokyo, but as for clothing, please, please make do with what I’ve packed.. hehe.. I’m actually very nervous as to what will happen on the flight there so am crossing my fingers and toes that it will be a smooth ride darlin!

Keep growing my Sweetie pie, stay happy always and I look forward to more adventures with you!

Love you to the Moon and back: Mummy

Outfits for the Bub

Prepping for our upcoming trip to Tokyo where it’s going to be Fall and perhaps a little chilly for the little one. Since she’s been sick and I’ve been stuck at home looking after her full-time, I ended up picking out outfits for her which I will be packing along.


  • Petite Bateau striped cardigan (gifted)
  • A/X long-sleeved top that I got years ago from the Club 21 mega sale. Meant to give it away but obviously forgot about it.. it’s now come in handy I guess
  • H&M polka-dotted leggings


  • Floral dress (gifted)
  • Baby blue cardigan from Baby Gap
  • H&M white leggings


  • Polo Ralph Lauren fuchsia dress (gifted)
  • Cobalt Blue Cardigan from Baby Gap
  • H&M Polka-dot leggings


  • Dusty pink velour tracksuit from H&M
  • Bat girl tee from Cotton On Kids
  • Babiators (we intend to head to the park)


  • Pink knitted beanie from Cotton On Kids
  • Striped tunic from Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Baby blue cardigan from Baby Gap
  • H&M white leggings


  • Checked pink dress from Polo Ralph Lauren (gifted)
  • Pink knitted beanie from Cotton On Kids
  • H&M white leggings


  • Onesie with ribbon detail from Moo Moo Kow (gifted)
  • Dusty pink velour jacket from H&M
  • H&M white leggings

Whoever knew that playing dress-up for baby girl will be this fun! Hehe…

POWer up!

IMG_8320Having a baby helps you to develop super-power skills that you never thought you would possess. I thought that my spidey-senses of smell would dissipate when baby is here but in fact, I acquired more ‘super-power’ skills. Here’s what I now can do:

Supersonic hearing
My ears literally perk up whenever I hear S’s cries even if it’s a whimper. I then dash to her to see if she’s ok. If she’s whinging in her sleep, I try to pat her back to sleep, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Arh well. I’m not a fan of the Cry It Out method. I did try but it’s tough when people just want to rush and pick her up. I’m guilty of that too cos sometimes she wakes up screaming and all I want to do is to cuddle her and make her bad dreams go away.

Doing things at half the speed
Gone are the days where I can take leisure baths and have my meals at my own pace. Showers are taken hastily and meals are gobbled down within minutes so that I can either care for her or if she’s left in her cot, not end up crying.

Balancing act
Yup, I can now carry S and then proceed to carry my heavy diaper bag and sometimes even shopping bags. There goes my back… ouch! Oh and when S falls asleep in my arms, it really takes a lot of effort to slowly put her down without waking her up. Sometimes when you put her down too quickly, her eyes will fly open and the entire routine of rocking/singing starts all over again. This whole song and dance can sometimes take up to 30 minutes or more.. sheesh.. Afternoon naps are sometimes hard because of this entire song-dance routine.

Surviving on little sleep
I really miss my 6-8 hours stretch of sleep. Sleep these days are broken and coupled with supersonic hearing, my eyes fly open when I hear S whimpering or even move. Guess I’m just nervous as a first-time Mom. Thankfully when she does her noon naps, I do manage to steal an hour or two and catch-up on my sleep. I wonder what will happen when I go back to work and still have to do the night feeds.

I guess there’s more to this list but ‘Momnesia’ has also hit me so I guess there are side-effects to these super-powers of mine.

Lantern Festival at Gardens by the Bay

L1010195We braved the crowds and brought S to check out the Lantern Festival at Gardens by the Bay. It was the last weekend where the Festival was held and as you can imagine, it was super crowded. I wasn’t too keen for I didn’t know how S would react to huge crowds plus she kinda just got better so I didn’t want to risk her falling ill before our trip. But the Man really wanted to bring her along for he knew that she would love looking at the light displays. She’s a little more observant these days and has a thing for twinkling lights. If you know the Man personally, you will know that he hates crowds.. so it is kinda a big deal for him to bring S along  for him to want to check out this festival.

Parking at Gardens by the Bay was not possible and we circled around trying to get parking. In the end, we managed to get a lot at Marina Bay Sands and walked over to the Gardens to check out the lantern displays.

L1010197Not sure whether to laugh or cry but when we arrived at the Gardens, the little Missy had other plans. She fell asleep in her stroller and took quite the nap as we pushed her around the growing crowds to check out the lights.

L1010198 L1010199 L1010200 L1010201I think we got lucky for we managed to enjoy the spectacular displays on sight with her sleeping happily in her stroller and not caring about what’s going on. I guess we will need to do a better job next year in planning this trip out to check out the Lantern Festival at the Gardens. She will be over 1 year then so she will be able to enjoy the displays more and perhaps holding a battery-operated lantern of her own.

L1010204The obligatory family wefie!! It’s a little blur for we needed to use the night mode of our camera. Time to invest in a selfie stick or selfie camera perhaps? Hmm… idea!



Back at Jaan

After close to a 3 months break from fine-dining, we are glad to head back to Jaan with our friends for dinner. But this time round, I couldn’t drink and being a nervous Mom, kept looking at the clock. Things have really changed. :\ Having said that, it was nice to put on a pretty dress, some make-up and feel good for one evening.

IMG_8142Love this Monki dress that I got from ASOS which was on sale. It’s one of my new fave brands thanks to a tip by Calendar Gal. Hehe..

Chef Julien has just come back from his hometown and the dishes served to us that evening was simply just amazing. There were a couple of repeats and new creations but all in all, a lovely meal after a break. I’ll let the pictures do the talking then. :)

IMG_8143 IMG_8145 IMG_8146 IMG_8151 IMG_8149 IMG_8155 IMG_8159 IMG_8160 IMG_8161

Have passport will travel

Before baby, the Man ever said that we will leave her behind when we go on holidays. So when I casually mentioned that I missed going on holidays, he said to pack our bags and just leave the bub behind. Obviously, I was devastated! I thought I could just leave her behind and enjoy the cities that we used to go to, but all that has changed since I started to care for her almost 24/7. I really couldn’t PLUS I was breast-feeding her so to have her not with me might potentially cause my supply to drop and I couldn’t risk that especially since I really would like to try to have her exclusively breast-fed for at least 6 months.

IMG_8176Since my maternity leave was going to come to an end in mid-October, the Man decided that we will take a little short family vacation! Whoopee!! We got Sophie’s passport done first. Actually, we got it done rather hastily and I wasn’t quite expecting her grumpy photo to be accepted by ICA but it did. Arh well, she probably will not be pleased with me next time but for now, it’s a rather cute photo to be cherished by Mummy here. Hehe..

Next, we had to decide on the location. We thought of heading up to Hong Kong for the promise of free baby-sitting services by a friend was simply too good to turn down but some have cautioned that Hong Kong ain’t exactly child-friendly, so we decided on Perth. Tickets were booked and I was all ready to do research on Perth but the Man had a conference to attend in Tokyo prior to our trip. In the end, we decided since we love Tokyo so very much, we should make Sophie’s first ever trip to our fave city instead.

Feeling a little excited and also a little nervous for I will be traveling with Sophie on my own to Tokyo to join the Man who’s going up first. Also, this trip to Tokyo, we will be doing things very differently from what we used to do.. hello to baby/ kid friendly restaurants and places. If you have any family friendly tips to share for Tokyo, please send them along my way. Else, we will be fumbling along and I will be sharing the tips with you. :)

Mid Autumn Festival

L1010192I recall fondly how we used to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival when we were younger. Mom would cut the mooncakes, have the yams and pomelo laid out properly while my sisters and I would play around with sparklers and lanterns in the garden. Now this has obviously changed since we are all too old for lanterns now but I would very much like for some traditions to be passed on to Sophie.

L1010182I guess the little Bub was also excited about celebrating her first Mid-Autumn. Unfortunately she was not well, so we didn’t dare to keep her out and up for too long beyond her bedtime. Next year, she will be able to hopefully hold her lantern and we can have a proper celebration together with my nephews. It should be fun.

L1010177Our first family pic.. hard to get the kiddos to look at the camera.