Her growing shoe collection

I finally got down to packing Bubba’s wardrobe the other night because the contents were spilling and the Man rolled his eyes at me when he opened the cupboard and exclaimed ‘I hope you don’t get your Mummy’s messy streak!‘ Oh well, I have my moments. So after putting Bubba into bed, I started to sort out her wardrobe from clothes, accessories, blankets and then we have the shoes.

I pulled out her basket of shoes and looked at all these tiny little shoes that will adorn her small little feet. I decided that they make quite a nice photo opp so I started to style these tiny little shoes with whatever free time I have while praying hard that Bubba doesn’t stir from her sleep.

IMG_0584Why does Bubba need so many pairs of shoes when she can’t even walk nor crawl? Well, because shoes complete the outfit and they do help to keep her tiny feet warm. Even if I don’t put on these pre-walker shoes on her, she will have to put on socks when we head out.


Here are my fave picks for her shoes:

  • Sophie & Arthur Moccs from The Little Bow Company: Sophie owns 2 pairs of the moccs (ivory and baby blue) and I believe they are super comfy as the leather is smooth and buttery. The colours are kept neutral so that they will match with most of her outfits. She’s currently wearing the 3-6 months one in ivory with some room to grow before moving on to the baby blue pair which I purchased for her in the bigger size meant for 6 months and above.
  • Radiant Orchid moccs and Chrome moccs from Freshly Picked: The moccs from Freshly Picked are a little on a high side so watch out for their flash sales where the prices for each pair will be slightly cheaper. I got both of these pairs of moccs on sale and felt that their colours would be suited for Bubba’s wardrobe. They recently held a Black Tuesday sale and I got
  • Blue, White and Khaki cotton shoes from Chateau de Sable: One of our fave brands for clothes and also all things nice has gotta be Chateau de Sable. I was obsessed with getting a pair of white shoes for Sophie. A friend said that the cutest pair of white baby shoes has gotta be from Baby Dior. Well, it is a little tempting of course but I resisted. Chateua de Sable makes really lovely pair of baby shoes in all sorts of designs. On top of it being superbly well-made, it ain’t too expensive either. I love the white and khaki pair which I got for her. While the blue one is a gift from Aunty Min, which I also adore to bits.
  • Other brands that you could consider getting pre-walker shoes from are from Fox Baby, Cotton-on Baby. The Silver Mary-Janes and the Leopard printed flats were gifted from Aunty Pebz and Aunty Germz respectively. The baby-pink skull printed shoes were purchased on Baby Style Icon for Mummy here adores her skull prints and it would be cute for her to get into the street-look early on with these pair of kicks. Hehe..

For more tips on shopping for baby shoes, you can also check out lovely Mama Libby’s post. Her little bub has the most enviable shoe wardrobe!



A good night’s sleep

IMG_0249Bubba, is that too much to ask for? Honestly, it’s not for me. It’s really for you. As your Mummy, I’m resigned to the fact that I probably won’t get my eight hours chock-a-block of sleep anymore but you, my Bubba, supposed to be sleeping a lot more than me.

Sigh.. yes, this is the situation for the past couple of nights! A struggle trying to put Bubba to bed. Now that she has found her voice, she sure can protest in anger when I put her in her cot and try to get her to sleep on her own. I’m supposed to have 2 more happy days before she goes on to her next Mental Leap (shudders in fear when that happens).

I’m not exaggerating here. If you don’t believe me, you simply have to check out the below video to see what I’ve been going through. PS: Do lower the volume . I just played it on my laptop and the Man jumped up from his seat wondering why is she screaming when he managed to put her to sleep.

I  know each baby is wired differently. I just don’t get how this little gal can fight sleep so well. Her naps in the daytime have been reduced quite drastically and yet she doesn’t want to sleep at bedtime. It used to be that she would take a short evening nap after her bath-time from 7pm to about 7.45pm. Then she would wake up and ‘chat’ with us for a bit before drifting off to bed at about 9pm plus. These days, she doesn’t appear to be all that interested in sleep at all.

I still do the routine – the nightly massage, sometimes reading a book, talking to her and telling her that it’s bedtime and we will see her in the morning – then I nurse her. When it looked like she is drifting off to bed, I would unlatch her, try to pop the binky into her mouth, hold her for a bit before laying her into her cot. It used to work well before. But the past couple of nights, she knew the transference from a warm body into her own cot. So she would protest by letting out angry screams with big, fat tears streaming down her tiny cheeks.

It does help to have friends who are mums and understanding about this whole sleep situation that babies have. Like I shared previously, I can only dream of Bubba sleeping through the night one day. So I am pretty envious of moms who already have their babies sleeping through the night. I want to know what they did so I can possibly try their methods on Bubba. One such mama who has been generous in sharing her tips is Mag whose Bug falls asleep by 8pm and wakes up at about 5-6am. She calls herself the Nazi when it comes to sleeping for her Bug! She often encourages me to hang in there and shares that in order for Bubba to fall asleep on her own, I just got to implement methods and see them through instead of caving in.

Well, I tried. Tonight, I decided I will let her fuss a little and perhaps wail or cry. She did all of the above plus shrieking at the top of her voice. This crying of epic proportions lasted close to 50 minutes. She eventually fell asleep grudgingly and I was pretty proud that I persisted in stuffing the binky in and letting her cry it out. The Man came back from dinner to a sleeping Bubba, so I related the incident to him.

Murphy of course doesn’t like me very much because seconds later, she woke up screaming and we had to repeat the entire motion of putting her back to sleep. zzzz….

Now tell me, there has gotta be a better way of getting Bubba to sleep right?

Baby-wearing : part 2

Since the last post where I shared about the insane number of baby carriers that I owe, where are we now with baby-wearing? Thought I just do a little update here.

Boba Wrap: Decided that it was too difficult to wrap and head out. I must say, I did have some success with wrapping it at home and carrying Bubba in it. She managed to drift off into slumberland the two to three times that I used the wrap. But I decided that she was getting bigger and since she preferred the Ergo more, I sold the Boba Wrap away to someone else who may find it more useful instead of just keeping it in storage.

Baby Bjorn Carrier Active: Used it a couple of times and loved it for it was easy to put Bubba in and to remove her from the carrier. I kept the carrier aside for a bit before loaning it to a friend who used it way more than I did. Decided to sell it to her eventually so that I can reduce my crazy inventory of baby carriers.

IMG_0479So what are we left with? My mode of baby-wearing is the Ergobaby Original Carrier (the gift that my cousin got me). It eventually became handy when Bubba got a little bigger and no longer required the infant insert which by the way is insanely hot for Singers’ weather. The Ergobaby suited me fine for it gave me the proper support for my back and hips. Despite it being slightly bulky, I still managed to operate the carrier on my end so brownie points for the ergonomic design of the carrier.

What do I not like about the carrier? Well, for one, it really is pretty warm for Bubba. After placing Bubba in the carrier, she usually will end up falling asleep in it. Hooray for me as I get to either run errands or enjoy some peace and quiet before the mayhem. But the downside is that Bubba ends up drenched in perspiration simply because the material of the Ergobaby is pretty warm.

One day when I was out with my friend, she whipped out the Boba Air and I was amazed at how nifty the entire carrier is. It could be zipped up into a small pouch and thrown into the bag. It was lightweight and I almost couldn’t believe how compact the entire carrier was. Price-wise, it wasn’t crazily expensive so I decided to get it for the Man for he also loves baby-wearing Bubba and his complaint on the Ergobaby is that it was too hot. With the Boba Air, I think he would enjoy the light-as-feather and portable baby carrier. Plus he’s super fit so I think carrying Bubba with the Boba Air suited him fine. I’m the one that needs a carrier with all the cushioning for my achy-breaky back.

Verdict? The Man loved his gift and has been happily baby-wearing Bubba when we head out on short trips to run errands.

IMG_0375I kid you not, look how pleased he is.

IMG_0378Bubba also enjoys being in the baby carrier with Daddy so much so that she often falls asleep after a while in it.IMG_0379See what I mean. :)

I’m quite tempted to try out the Tula for the designs on the baby carrier are so pretty. Must.resist.temptation!!! Arh…

Another one bites the dust

Heard that iii Cafe, a pet cafe that we love popping in to occasionally had ceased its operations as they were not able to get their premises license renewed. I’ve blogged about this place previously.

IMG_9646It’s actually kinda sad for they are fewer and fewer pet cafes that specially cater for our furry-friends and their humans.

IMG_9652This place will hold fond memories for us as we first met Horlicks here and even though we don’t visit it as much as our pal, Horlicks, we really liked the fact that it was close to home and a nice place to hang out should we ever wanted to spend time with Sparky in a nice cool place with simple snacks.

Sigh.. how many pet-cafes are there actually left in Singapore now? It’s a real pity this one in the East had to shut its doors. :(


Media invite: Pigeon’s new range of breast pumps

I’ve always been an avid fan of PIGEON products. Bubba’s first encounter with the bottle was the PIGEON Peristaltic PLUS bottle because of it’s wide-neck teat that’s supposed to replicate the natural sucking pattern learned at the breast. Of course in the first couple of days that we introduced the bottle, we were so afraid of nipple confusion but the Peristaltic PLUS feeding system suited us fine until she resisted the bottle when she hit three months. We freaked out! I went to buy up all the teats that were recommended by friends and on blogs that I read but she refused them all. In the end, we eventually settled on the Peristaltic Slim-Neck Nipple teat which we are currently using, so fingers crossed no more drama episodes in that department.

Besides using products from the bottle-feeding category, we are also huge fans of their hygiene care (laundry and wet-wipes)  and their cleansing plus sterilising care (dishwashing liquid and steam steriliser). So when I received the email inviting me to an exclusive preview of PIGEON’s new range of breast pumps, it didn’t take me very long to accept the invitation. I was actually excited about attending the event to learn more about their new products for the only breast-pump I’ve been acquainted with is Medela and that has sadly failed me twice.

IMG_0190The event happened last Saturday at Cool De Sac and the folks at PIGEON Singapore were really thoughtful for the invite also included Bubba if I wanted to bring her along. Well, I did dress her up and had the intention of bringing her along thinking that it would be fun for her to roll around the play area. But the time of the event coincided with her morning nap and Mom who very kindly accompanied me along decided it would be easier for her to push her around the mall in the stroller. So I attended the event on my own but thankfully bumped into Miss Ene and little E at the event as well.

This being my first media event, I didn’t know what really to expect but failed on the account that I forgot to bring along my digital camera to capture professional shots for the day. Oops! I will do better next time. Thank goodness for the iPhone which I think did a pretty decent job of capturing these shots at the event. Phew!IMG_0179 IMG_0178The impressive set-up of balloons that greeted us with the most adorable inflatable animal balloons that we could take home after the event. It was quite an intimate affair with a couple of bloggers and the team from PIGEON Singapore who took us through the brand history of PIGEON via a video presentation and then took time to chat with us. The setting was casual and we were encouraged to share a little on our breastfeeding journey. The sharing was candid and most of us around the room could relate to some of the woes plus joys that breastfeeding brought. One thing for sure, determination to provide for our LO through breastfeeding is the common trait around the room.


Ivy and Calicia from PIGEON Singapore also brought us through a short presentation on the new range of breast pumps that’s designed with the Asian mum in mind. It’s nice to know that PIGEON firmly believes in the benefits of breastfeeding and will continuously create products to cater to the needs of both the mother and the infant.IMG_0183With more than 50 years of experience in infant feeding studies, PIGEON has identified three key factors for effective breast milk expression in their latest breast pump range: Fit, Gentle Stimulation and Expression. Besides conducting extensive studies in product development at its R&D facilities in Japan, what’s interesting is that they have also collaborated with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) in Singapore to conduct a study among breastfeeding mothers of different race in Singapore.


(Image from PIGEON Singapore)

The new products under the range are the Electric Breast Pump Pro, Electric Breast Pump Portable and Manual Breast Pump.

IMG_0181I was particularly interested in the Manual Breast Pump for I had an electrical breast pump already and despite it being small, I still found that it was difficult to bring around when I was out at work the entire day.

What I found interesting about the PIGEON’s new range of breast pumps is the Comfort ProperFit Soft Silicon Cushion that’s supposed to mould easily to the breast. This helps to provide a secure seal and comfortable fit that prevents air leakage during expression and this in turns allows mothers to maximise milk flow. Based on the research that PIGEON has conducted on Asian mothers in particular, PIGEON has customised two cushion sizes – regular (23 mm in diameter) and large (27 mm in diameter) – which are both included in each breast pump set that you purchase.

I realise that fit is very important when it comes to pumping. I know this because the cup size of the other breast pump that I’m using was initially ill-fitted for my use. I had to send my cousin to help get me the right size after a session with the Lactation Consultant who was appalled that I had been using the wrong fit for the first week of my breastfeeding journey. Well, I guess we learn along the way.

IMG_0184 After the hands-on demo of the new products, the event came to a close. We mingled a little over some light bites.

IMG_0185IMG_0186The team also prepared some gifts and we each had a box of customised PIGEON cupcakes to bring home. How thoughtful!

IMG_0187Guess who came to join us after? Little E! He’s grown since the last time we met! Couldn’t resist taking this cute shot of him pulling his little inflatable horsey. At that point in time, I wished Bubba was there to take a pic with him. But I know she’s still fast asleep if my Mom has yet to call me.

IMG_0222(Photo credit: Miss Ene)

Besides those gifts, we could also bring home the balloons. I took the Ladybug and the Panda one for Bubba to look at and play with.

IMG_0189Thanks again to PIGEON Singapore for the invite. I really enjoyed myself and have gained some insights on your new range of breast-pumps. Can’t wait to try them out for myself! So stay tuned! :)

Note: An invitation to this event was received from PIGEON Singapore. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed are purely of my own.

Letter to Sophie x 5

IMG_0038I’m what?!

Dearest Sophie,

Another month has passed and you are now 5 months old. I’m a little late in penning this entry as well. Mummy pinky promise I will try to do a better job next time in managing my time. It’s just been a crazy couple of weeks at work with weekends burnt when all I really want to do is to just while the weekend with you at home or out at play. But it’s ok.. we will just hang in there.

IMG_0047At 5 months, we made it past the first of your long mental leaps. You are definitely more aware of your surroundings and can respond to your name. You’ve also started to take an interest in toys especially activity centres. When Mummy first rented the Exersaucer toy for you, you didn’t know what to do, your head was still a little wobbly and your feet could barely touch the base. But just when you were about to hit your fifth month, you could hold your head well which probably explained how you started to enjoy using the activity centre more. You squeal in delight when we complement you for completing a small task and you started to explore with gusto the little knobs and buttons on the activity centre. I actually felt sad that the rental period was over but fret not darling, I just rented another gadget for you to play with. Hehe..


I love how expressive you are these days. These pics were taken in the morning when we were getting ready to work and to drop you off at Por Por’s house. You started to coo and babble happily that I couldn’t resist taking off your pyjamas, put you this white onesie (a hand-me-down from your cousin Julia) and then accessorising you with the cute head-gear for this mini photoshoot. Current flavour of the month? These knitted crowns which make the cutest head-accessory other than the many bows that you already own.

IMG_0043 IMG_0044 IMG_0045

Love these series of pictures that I took of you with all these cute and cheeky smiles that you dish out for me and Daddy. :)

Other than Sparky who eagerly greets us at the door when we return home, you are the next person we want to see. I love how when I call out your name, you lunge forward with two arms spread wide open wanting me to carry you. I love how when I carry you, you lean forward with your tiny little body and little arms to give me the tightest hug. My heart bursts with so much joy when you do it and no matter how terrible my day has been at work, coming home to you instantly lifts up my tired spirit.

IMG_0054Speaking of tired. Are you still in a sleep regression mode? zzzz

Suddenly I felt like we went back into time, to the time when you were about 5-6 weeks old where I felt it was really hard putting you to bed. Come to think of it, during that time, all I had to do was to watch you cry and stuff the pacifier into your tiny mouth. You would resist but gave it after kicking and crying. The past couple of nights have been so challenging because you.simply.won’t.sleep even though you are super tired. You have learned how to spit out the pacifier and shriek when you are clearly tired but simply refuse to go to bed. My patience have been tested a couple of times because it took me close to 3 hours to put you into bed.

According to the literature out there, one should get into the habit of putting the baby into the crib drowsy, rather than fully asleep. This way, the baby will learn how to soothe him/herself to sleep rather than relying on you. I really tried. In fact, I think I did more. I hold you close to meet for about 10 minutes hoping that your sleep will be deep enough so that when I lay you down, you won’t wake up screaming. But this failed and you protest in anger by crying. I pick you up again and then the cycle of putting you to sleep repeats itself. It’s really tiring for Mummy over here and I really, really hope that you would get past this phase so we can all have better sleep. As for sleeping through the night, I can only dream and hope. For now, let’s take baby-steps, get pass the sleep on-your-own and sleep within one hour phase.


Christmas is just round the corner and the other day when we brought you out to shop, you were so fascinated with the twinkling lights that emitted from the Christmas tree in the shop. We talked about having a Christmas tree before but we thought it could probably wait till you understand the concept of Christmas. Well, looks like you do and Daddy is going to be setting up the tree real soon since it’s your first Christmas. Now, all we need to do is to agree if we want a fresh or an artificial tree. I think a fresh one for your first Christmas then and if it’s not to messy, we probably stick to another fresh Christmas tree for next year as well. Let’s see.

IMG_0059Loads to look forward to in the next few weeks as you inch closer to your half-birthday and start your journey into solids. Mummy has stocked up on cereals and some snacks. What’s left to do is to read up on some literature on baby-led weaning and feeding and I believe we should be all set.

Mummy’s ending this post now. Gotta pump and then give you the bottle before heading to bed. I’ve got a long day tomorrow at work but am looking forward to spending the entire Monday with you. Mom Mobile v2 is finally here so we will be scooting off to more adventures. Whee!!

Till then, continue to grow my little one.. happy and healthy.

Love you with all of my heart and soul: Mummy xoxo

Up to my eyeballs

Seriously.. it’s not funny!

Well, I knew going back to work will have its challenges. It’s no longer a walk in the park. Mornings are no longer spent leisurely putting on my make-up. When the alarm clock rings, I either hit the snooze button and lie in for another couple of minutes or jump up to check on Bubba to see if she’s awake. If she’s still sleeping, I then zip in for a quick shower and then putting on light make-up before tending to her. If she’s awake, the Man and I will play a bit with her, nurse her and then bring her down to my MIL. Then off to work we go.

IMG_0355Rare pic of Bubba and Me.. love how smiley she is in the pic

Bubba is still total breast-fed so I try to express at work to keep supply going. My sis have warned that my supply will dip a little when I head back to work. The first few days when I headed back to work was pretty ok still but it’s a different story now and it’s true! Supply has dipped and it’s rather depressing looking at the low yield. Watching the clock constantly, running in and out of meetings and just trying to finish off my work so I can go home on time has been quite stressful. Thankfully, the Company has proper facilities to support pro-breastfeeding moms at work else I think it would be harder on me to continue this journey.

So I went a little crazy, stuffed myself with Domperidone, took overnight oats and drank the good ol’ traditional Fish Papaya soup. Supply went up a little but because my work schedules have been erratic plus I’ve been quite stressed managing a huge event, the supply has not been very consistent. Worse when I’m out majority of the day running about with no nursing room in sight. That’s not all, Bubba isn’t sleeping through the night yet so I do get up to either nurse her or the times she manages to push through 5 hours, I will need to get up and pump. Lack of proper sleep coupled with pressing issues at work all adds on to the stress.


I wouldn’t have it any other way for this face makes everything worthwhile. Yup, even those big fat round tears that she dishes out when she doesn’t get her way. Well, who knew motherhood could change me like that.. even with the lack of sleep.. yawnz!

A lot of pro-breastfeeding moms will say ‘Breast is best’. I don’t think I fall strictly in that category but I know as a mother, I just want to give my very best for Bubba and that includes me doing whatever I can. So I will endeavour in this breastfeeding journey for now with the small milestones that I’ve set for myself: 6 months of breastfeeding, then 1 year and we will see how it goes from there.

For now, I just want to get through this weekend, hopefully with a new manual pump to help keep the supply a-going or else I will have to resort to a pump-and-dump strategy which will be super wasteful. Fingers crossed!

Out of curiosity, if you are in a similar situation or have been in a similar situation, how did you get through it?